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The Old Attius Farm in all its glory. A Playerhouse in Imperial Morrowind Colonial style. With guard, also Hearthfire compatible.

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Content of this mod:

This mod adds a medium sized Imperial Colonial styled house like you would find in Morrowind. It is a relatively simple housemod and only took me a few days to make. Don't expect something super special. The Farm is designed to look like it should be there in vanilla, so the interior and exterior aren't overdone and look relatively generic. The house is located at the Old Attius Farm location on Solstheim.

Installation and requirements:

- Latest Skyrim update
- Dragonborn DLC
- Hearthfire DLC

- to move your family to the house you will need the "Hearthfire multiple adoptions" mod

Full feature list:

- new unique architecture style based on Morrowind Imperial architecture
- fully navmeshed house with guard and Hearthfire compability and has 3 children beds
- house features kitchen and dining room, master bedroom, children bedroom, libraby, alchemy and enchanting room and guard room
- all crafting stations are present

- the manor is free, I do not plan to add a quest to it

Version history:

- 1.0 initial release


- Bethesda for Skyrim, DLCs and the CreationKit
- Phitt for the Sheogorad Resource and Tamira for converting it
- Oaristys for his Modders Resource Pack
- Eldiab's Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques-Mannequins cell
- Assorted Resources by Tamira

If i forgot anyone here, please message me!