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About this mod

- Face presets for Domino and Larentia, my last creations.
- Available for ECE and RACEMENU
- I focused on realism and personnality

Permissions and credits

2 new presets.
Domino and Larentia are available for ECE and RACEMENU users. They have requirements of course. It's pretty easy to obtain a good result.
Hairs, brows, warpaints, eyes, lips are my taste and my own choice. You can use different mods to reach your own "perfection".
I focused on their personnalities and on my preference for "natural girls".
Their faces are well balanced and are a good base to create your own girls too. Creativity is important. Let your imagination run wild and free.
Domino and Larentia has been created first in ECE and then converted to RACEMENU. Thank you TRIPTHERIFT for the conversion.

Requirements are above but i write them again.

Enhanced character edit HERE
OR racemenu HERE

Fairskin complexion HERE

Cute eyes  HERE (note: "cute eyes" must overwrite 'fairskin complexion eyes")

Seductive lips HERE

True brows HERE
(note: Larentia uses "true brows". Domino doesn't use "true brows". Domino uses ECE brows (in ECE files). Racemenu users will not have these brows. It's not important, Domino can have different brows, her face doesn't change a lot).

SG hair pack 268 by HelloSanta (not on Nexus, google it, it's easy to find)

It's easy!

For racemenu users, download the "Racemenu preset" of your choice , extract the file and copy it to data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets.
In game, load you preset in Racemenu.

For ECE users, download the "ECE preset" of your choice, extract the file and copy it to myDocuments/My Games/Skyrim/CME_save
In game, load your preset in ECE.
- Slot 22 for Domino
 - Slot 19 for Larentia

It is possible that the warpaints don't show immediatly. You will need to find them manually. It's vanilla warpaint, you should find them easily.

in optional section, I upload NIF files. It's an export of ECE. For those who want...

I recommend Facelight and Facelight plus. Sometimes, it really improves the face character, sometimes not. Try it and test it.
This mod adds a light effect on the face of your character and NPC

Face light
Face light plus

If you need more recommendations or if you have questions, just ask.

First, i would like to thanks all modders who make possible creativity and fun.
A personnal salutation to TRIPTHERIFT who helps me and who bares my bad english.
A personnal salutation to TKTK1 who mades fantastic mods.
I salute all members of the image section for their enormous support.

Thank you

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