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Simple Mod?

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Dwemer also didn't have wings, so they couldn't fly.
But, may be a trivial thing.

===== Floating Block =====

# Version 2.0 Updated.

Perhaps I explained this mod too simple, so some people might think it... as useless mod.
So, I made a movie. I'd like you to watch it.

Because of this change, Version 2.0 requires SKSE and SkyUI. If you don't want it, use Version 1.0.
And, making cube is changed a little.
You can make one "Compressed Cube" with same recipe.
If you use it, it becomes cubes.(random quantity, more than 48)
This is so light...

--- Updating ---

Version 2.0's script is changed, and it is necessary to do script cleaning to update it.

Save game script cleaner by Hadoram

Use this mod to remove "aaaCelxFBxMainQPLAliasScript" from your savedata.
After clean it, overwrite all.

--- Install and Requirements ---

Require SKSE and SkyUI.
Use NMM or MO for install.

--- Uninstall ---

Remove file makes no problem.
If you want to clean your savedata, use cleaner.

--- Incompatibility ---


///// What I wrote below is for Version 1.0. /////

This is very simple mod.

Make this by using forge.

  • 12 Iron Ore
  • 3 Dwarven Ingot
  • 1 Dynamo core

You can make 48 cubes at a time. Too many?
They will disappear soon.

Using this from inventory menu, it is not so fun.
Shortcut is good for this.

If you use this like a potion, a block appear in your step.
Even you are jumping.

Like this.

Like this.

Like this.

Like This.

Like This.

...Be careful about your stock.

--- Install and Requirements ---

Require only Skyrim.
Use NMM or MO for install.

--- Uninstall ---

I didn't check it, but remove file makes no problem.

--- Incompatibility ---


--- Credits ---