About this mod

A completely functional player base added, entrance located in the Rift hold. Features all crafting stations and ample room for a squad of followers. Fully compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoption.

Permissions and credits
The resources used here are from SkyrimLazz's Ayleid resource pack. The textures for the drapes are from rasierfx's contribution to DarkFox127 resource packs.

This home is included as a semi-constructable base in Invasion of Skyrim - GAT! 

This mod adds a completely functional player base to Skyrim.

There is an Ayleid ruin located along the Cyrodiilic border to Skyrim, untouched for millenia. A strange force alerted you to it's existence. 


Customization for a house-specific soundtrack

Fully compatible with Hearthfires and TMPhoenix's mod

Non-respawning in every cell, chest

Chests sorted by name, location, and convenience

All crafting stations in one cell

Family living quarters in another cell

Room for a squad of followers

Fast travel from anywhere INSIDE the Cracking City

Carefully picked acoustics for the interior

Day/night lighting setup for warm nights and brisk mornings

An open-air lobby

To customize the music, simply replace the five files in Data/Music/The Cracking City.