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Ahsoka Tano Follower from Star Wars The Clone Wars

Permissions and credits
A long time ago in a Skyrim far, far away.... Ahsoka Tano Follower!!!

It is follower which you can use with any body replacer, she will use the body that you install. This also applies to the skeleton and physics.

Ahsoka like One-handed weapons. Also she know lightning bolt magic.



To update the mod fully remove the old mod and install it again!

She has new hair, tattoo and face. I recommend to use face textures from mods, not skyrim's.

You can get married with her. She will be good housewife.

You can find Ahsoka in Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun 


If you want to be Ahsoka too, you can download Ahsoka Tano Head and Tattoo

If you want more dive into the atmosphere of Star Wars I recomended:


Plasma Sabers by Aberation 

Get fun and May the force be with you!