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Last updated at 4:22, 9 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 20:52, 28 Mar 2016

This mod adds a usable handcart to the game - a chest that can carry all the loot you intent to sell later - and can be taken with you in your trips without affect you carry weight. It is located at Riverwood, a quest marker will show the location. 

Installation requires: 

- SkyUI 

If you installed the old version of Handcart on Steam, you must unsubscribe from it.

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- Configurable shortcuts to fast-equip the best armor and weapons you have found;
- Integrated barter menu showing your items together with the items stored in the handcart;
- There is a dialogue to automatically sell stuff from the handcart to people (press U and choose auto-sell); (since 2.07)
- Integration with the crafting menu, the items in the handcart will be available to use as raw materials (except the potion and enchanting tables); (since 2.04)

- You can give the handcart to a follower (Alt+O), the handcart will behave as if it was you using it; (since 2.05)
- You can tell your follower to go sell stuff from the handcart across all Skyrim, he will expect you to escort him: (since 2.07)
  • you can press "Shift+U" to auto-follow him;
  • you can talk to him suggesting a visit to another merchant from any of the major cities (Whiterun, Solitude, etc);
  • you can talk to him to cancel the quest, taking the handcart from him also will cancel the quest to sell stuff;
  • if you begin to sneak, he will go near to you, he will sneak too and will wait for you to stop sneaking;

- You can give the handcart to your horse (Alt+O). The horse will follow you and will not engage combat; (since 2.07)
- The handcart can be used as "object", you can reach higher places by jumping on it;

- Every merchant in the game will have their goods shown as handcarts. The merchants will unequip their handcarts when in combat or when sleeping - making it possible for you to steal his stuff; (since 2.07)

- When looting a container, any new items you acquire when using the handcart will be transferred from your inventory to the handcart unless its a healing potion/food, unread books or a possible best armor/weapon (in this case they will stay in your inventory);
- The amount of items that must be kept with you (potions/food/weapons/armor/etc) are configurable; (since 2.02)

- The handcart can be used as "skateboard" to go down the hills (I still can't make it turn left or right, but I'm working on it);
- There is a shortcut to automatically move "unnecessary items" from your inventory to the handcart (Shift+U);
- There is a shortcut to automatically move all items from the handcart to a container in front of you (Alt+U).

  • friend: Hey wellsantos, all this features are cool, but I don't like the fact I have to drag this chest with wheels all the time!
  • wellsantos: So give the handcart to a follower, set the 'follower with handcart - confidence' configuration to 'avoid combat' and you'll never have to carry the handcart; (since 2.05)

  • friend: No way! I hate followers! 
  • wellsantos: All right, all right. Then go to the configurations and choose 'hide the handcart, but keep all functionality'. (since 2.06)


- To start the barter menu with a person in front of you, press "U";
- To store or retrieve an item from the handcart, press "O", a normal chest menu will open allowing you to take or store items; 

- To carry the handcart with you, you just have to pick it up as any normal item; you can also press "O" to pick up the handcart if it is nearby;
- Whenever you equip a weapon, the handcart will be dropped and you must pick it up again;

- Hold Alt while equipping a weapon to drop the handcart in front of you, instead of drop at your back;
- Hold Shift while equipping a weapon to place the handcart in the ground, it will not move when touched, and you will be able to use it to reach higher places by jumping on it;

- To enter in skate mode you must jump on the top of the handcart; jump again to leave;
- Cheat: press "Shift + O" to teleport and equip the handcart in yourself, no matter where it was.

When I say Alt or Shift, I mean the Alt/Shift in the left side of the keyboard, the ones in the right side are not mapped.


- If you have installed any mod that adds animated armor/weapon, the handcart may become invisible when equipped. You can change the handcart "biped object" to 52 (or other value of your choice) in the configuration to prevent this behaviour; (since 2.04)

- If you told to your follower to go sell the stuff and he is waiting doing nothing, its because he can't see a way to travel to the merchant. Probably because the merchant is sleeping or inside a place with locked doors. If you go to sleep or wait until 8:00 (when people usually leave their homes) the follower will then be able to travel to them;

The source code is hosted at
If you find any problem please send an e-mail to [email protected]