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A reworked, highly detailed retexture of ruined books in 4k and 1k.

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WOW over 700 endoresments! I seriously love you guys! Thank you so much :) 

31/03/2016 - Added Meshes in order to direct Skyrim to use the correct normal map. Thank you to Novem99 for pointing out the normal map issue                                  and Pfuscher for providing the solution. Updated both versions to 1.1
Resolved detail HIiiiiii!
Clear, crispy, clean and inCredibly richly detailed retexturing work of the ruined books. Commonly found in dungeons and crypts
Bethesda created two different meshes, one has the full binding and the other has parts missing. (see images) The texture is used for both.
The paper seen in the images is another retexture I have made which I will upload as a mod soon (Not included in this mod)
The versions available are as follows:
4k diffuse with 2k normal 
1k diffuse with 1k normal 

Not actually sure why this is a section...... Download and install through MO or NMM or place in Data folder.

If you enjoy my work please endorse to let others know

"Heim Hin Miiraad Alun Amativ"

A huge shout out to Bethesda for creating the best game series of all time!