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A complete redesign of Dragon Bridge - exterior only!

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Dragon Bridge
~ ClefJ Edition~

For being the outpost of the Emperor's guard on his trip to Skyrim, and besides that, the most strategically important location in Haafingar, I wondered why the town was so small and ill-fortified. I wanted to recreate the feeling Helgen had - arguably the most fortified 'town' of Skyrim.
Here, we have just that.
This is primarily an aesthetic mod- not to step on the toes of the great JK and his mods (which I still love), but overhauls nearly the entire exterior of the town using high walls, thick gates and imposing towers. I wanted to work on something new, practically a new settlement, but worked with NPC's with unique dialogue, which makes the town feel more alive to me. Included in this:

- A new Player home, Dragon Thane's Tower. You may acquire the key to the very small home from the Executioner's Chest by the hanged former Thane of the town. The tower home itself is cozy, at least, offering only a few weapon racks and storage containers, but suits the needs of a ritzy starter home.
- A new General Goods Store, Memory Gate Goods.
- Generally a unique feel to the new town, including a Bell Tower! Many other exterior features include more clutter, custom ballistas on the walls, unique static meshes, everything that I thought might beautify the town while keeping it as FPS friendly as possible - including use of occlusion planes.
- Cleaned to the best of my knowledge with TES5Edit.

Thank you Tamira for the Assorted Resources mod pack!
Thank you Kraeten/Mr. Siika for the Griffin Fortress resources!
Thanks to AceeQ for their Oak resources!
Thanks to Lolicept for their assorted resources!
New Screenshots thanks to CoolJSas!

Some lovely massive shots from CoolJSad himself:
Kountervibe (updated for the latest enb)
Grim and Somber Malacath

NEW ver.1.1; Requires Dragonborn, changes a few things around town and makes the player home a Clock Tower!
The bell tower also has a chain-toggle sound fx of bells!
The waterfall by the mill has been sized to be a bit... better .
Some new lights and fancy bits here and there added.

Requirements and Incompatibilities:
- Requires only Skyrim and Update (1.1 also needs Dragonborn).
- Incompatible with mods that change the exterior of Dragon Bridge,
regrettably including JK's fine work.

Also, since I have no clue how to work with LOD, anyone who wants to volunteer creating that, they're more than welcome!

There's only been minor work with the navmesh in the area, namely to keep people from running into walls. Everything to my knowledge appears to work wonderfully. There are some things in the future I may want to add or change, suggestions are always welcome! If there are any issues, please let me know and I'll do my best to remedy the situation!