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Tired of wildlife suiciding into your blade? Tired of wading through piles of wolf/bear corpses? Tired of deer moving like snails? And above all: Tired of MOOOOOOOOOOAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sounds while you're taking a stroll through the Rift? If so, get this mod ASAP and become fully uhmmersed.

Permissions and credits
Guys, the last months I have been working feverishly on a real game! You can purchase it on Steam, click the banner below. Thank you so much for your support and rest assured: Pirates of Skyrim is coming to SSE soon!!!

V. 1.1: you can now set the deer/elk flight speed via console:
set USW_DeerSpeed to <your value>
(default is 700; 150 = no speed up)

What does this do?

Makes it so wildlife (deer and elk types, skeevers, wolves, bears, sabrecats) becomes scared of you once you pass (configurable) levels. No more moronic wolf behaviour that forces you to one shot a pack of wolves in an inuhmmersive fashion. Wildlife now anticipates your coming and decides whether to fight or flee based on your settings/strength. Finally, you will be able to walk through the Rift for 5 minutes without having to kill 300 bears!

Every feature is customizable and can be deactivated/reactivated at any time. As an added bonus, this makes hunting deer more uhmmersive, since deer will anticipate better and flee faster, as the mod makes them speed up once you approach. Unless you remain undetected, like a true hunter would.

It is compatible with everything, right out of the box.

Strong points

+ extremely light weight
+ extremely efficient
+ extremely configurable
+ extremely compatible 
+ extremely uhmmersive
+ extremely extreme

Not convinced? 
Take a look at these illustrations:
large version

large version

OMG probably incompatible
with X Mod that adds animals bla??


1. Does not modify existing animals
2. Does not modify animal AI
3. No potential for conflicts

On the contrary: It will work as is with mod added animals (Animallica, Immersive Creatures, you name it!)

How do I get started?

Once installed, the mod will give you a menu power (equip and use with shout key) called 'Uhmmersive Wildlife Menu'. Use it to activate the mod (by default it is deactivated). You need to be outside to activate the mod. 

You can set the level thresholds for scaring away X Creature independently. For instance, you can set it so skeevers will run away from you at level 15 (default is 10), wolves at level 35 (default 15), bears not at all (default 35), and sabrecats at level 50 (default deactivated). Deer is set to always flee for maximum uhmmersion.


Q: Can I set the level threshold to e.g. level 17??
A: Yes. Type "help USW_" in the console. Scroll up. You will see a list of globals like, for instance "USW_WolfLevel". Type in "set USW_Wolflevel to 17" to make wolves scared once you are level 17. The menu is just a more convenient way of doing this.

Q: This mod is crap, you're crap, your family's crap, your dog's crap, your cats crap, everyone you know's crap and I don't like you!
A: You misspelled "best mod ever".

Q: If you were a robot, why would you prefer spaghetti over lobster?
A: Yesterday and pencil.

Q: What word starts with "e" and only contains one letter?
A: An envelope.