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**NOTE: Please read all of the following before asking any questions. Thanks**

--Thanks to Chevenga for suggesting that my images be close up and cropped--


This is a replacer mod for several sets of armor and clothing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The basic textures are still intact, but have been overlaid with parts of a colorful image of outerspace (including stars and nebulae).

For those extremely new to modding their games (as I recently was), a "texture" is the colors of an object in the game world, to put in overly simplistic terms, whereas a "mesh" is the shape of the object. As said, this mod replaces TEXTURES and NOT meshes (EXCEPT for the female version of the Archmage's Robes, which has been replaced with the Nocturnal's Robe mesh AND retextured to be starry).

List of What Has Been Made Starry:

Archmage Robes (Female Only) - the mesh is also replaced, with the Nocturnal Robe
Mourner's Clothing
Jagged Crown
Helm of Yngol -- retouched!
Dragonscale Armor (all pieces of the set) -- retouched!
Ebony Armor (all pieces of the set, except for shields) -- retouched!
Wolf Armor (all pieces of the set) -- retouched!
Nightingale Armor -- new!
Shrouded Armor (the Dark Brotherhood armor, plus the Shrouded Hood, but NOT the Shrouded Cowl) -- new!
Emperor's Robes -- new!
Dragon Priest Mask Hoods -- new!

I have only tested these on a male character (except of course for the Nocturnal replacer of the Archmage), so they will most likely not work for female characters (other than the Archmage/Nocturnal replacer).

If you want to get all these items ingame immediately (instead of having to find them the hard way), I have included a bat file, Starry.txt . To use it, move the file into your Skyrim folder (the same folder where Skyrim.exe is), and then ingame, press the tilde (~) key at the far left of the numbers along the type of your keyboard, to bring up the console. In the console, type "bat Starry" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Then press the tilde (~) key again to exit the console. You should now have all the Starry items in your inventory. (NOTE: This bat file does NOT include the dragon priest masks.)

PLEASE NOTE: Only the hoods of the dragon priest masks have been made starry; the face masks themselves are untouched; if you use another retexturing mod that replaces ONLY the face mask part of a DP Mask, it should be compatible. All of the Dragon Priest Masks use this same hood texture, except for the 10th and most powerful mask.


Install using Nexus Mod Manager. If you do not use NMM, you will need an unzipping utility such as IZarc to extract the contents of the Zip file you downloaded, then extract the contexts of the zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder, clicking "Yes" any time you are asked if you want to merge folders or replace/override files.

The exception to this is the notepad file Starry.txt, which goes into your root Skyrim folder, as stated above.

Possible Conflicts

Any other mod that retextures any of the same items will be incompatible. Any other mod that alters the mesh of the female Archmage's Robes will also be incompatible.


Bethesda for a great game
SkyrimNexus for a great site
Gimp for a great tool
HEIC for a great photograph of outer space used in the retextures
Steam (I can't believe I'm actually thanking Steam, but it did let me take ingame pics easily)


If you upload this to another site, please notify me first. Feel free to alter these any way you want, but if you do, please let me know. You may not use any assets from my mods in anything that you charge for!


v1.0 -- 1/30/2012 -- First release! Nocturnal/Archmage, Mourner's Clothes, Jagged Crown, Helm of Yngol, Dragonscale Armors, Wolf Armors, Ebony Armors (except shield); This is my first mod to upload ever, and my first attempt at retexturing things.

v1.1 -- 2/2/2012 -- Touched up Helm of Yngol, Wolf Armor, Ebony Armor, Dragonscale Armor. Added starry retexes of Nightingale armor, Dark Brotherhood armor, the Emperor's Robe, and the hoods of Dragon Priest Masks.



Al's Completionist Series:
1. Al's TREASURE VAULT -- Now you have a place to store all your gold and have it display as treasure!
2. Als Paragon Reward Chest -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all 5 Paragons
3. Als Konahrik -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all vanilla dragon priest masks with a previously missing boss fight
4. Als Treasure Map Reward -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all 11 Treasure Maps in vanilla Skyrim
5. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws -- modestly sized dungeon rewarding the completionist player who collects all Dragon Claws in vanilla Skyrim with fantastic amounts of treasure

Al's Powers and Abilities:
1. Al's Thunder Smite -- Insta-Kill Enemies, and ONLY Enemies
2. Al's Eclipse Bloodcurse -- Tired of shooting arrows at the sun? Now you can get a true eclipse (including removed sun damage) as a power
3. Als Shadow Walk - Automatic Invisibility While Sneaking
4. Als Shout Like a Dragon - Dragonlike Cooldowns -- Now you can shout as often as dragons can!

Al's Conveniences:
1. Al's Elsweyr Rift -- Teleport to and from a one stop shop for selling loot and crafting items from anywhere!
2. Al's "Nothing Sells for Zero Gold" Tweak -- I bet you're tired of picking up loot that sells for nothing. So am I
3. Als Thuum of the Magesmith -- Keep the benefits of your enchanted and smithed items even when you switch outfits for a different look!
4. Al's -Get 80 Perk Points and All Skills 100- Cheat Ring

Al's Dungeons:
1. Al's Dead Dragon Giant Camp -- Just as dragon lairs and giant camps are quick and easy (relatively) stops for a rich haul, so is this!
2. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws
3. Als Revakzoor - Lair of Mythic Dragons - Unfairly Difficult Mod -- A lair laden with treasure, and guarded by six lethal dragons.

Al's Three Stone Watch -- Lore friendly, non-cheaty, humble starter home

Al's Starry Armor and Clothing Retextures

Al's Virility - Nude Male - PC Only (Adult Content; NSFW)