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On the windy mountain slopes of the Rift lies an abandoned well. Will you make it your new home?

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The Well is a small player home in the Riften mountains that you build from scratch. After cleaning out the initial mess you will be presented with individual Construction Crates. Each needs a variety of components, such as firewood, glass, leather-strips, ingots and other sensibly selected parts.

There is also a
CHEAT CHEST located 2 meters down into the snow at the outside entrance of the Well. It contains all the components needed to fully build the home. Hit "TCL" in the console, and cheat away. 

 The Well has the following features: 

- Music box with 12 songs 

- Anvil, blacksmith workbench, tanning station, weapon wheel and smelter in unique, compact presentation. 

- Outdoor Garden with 5 spots, and an in-door garden with 2 spots

- Wardrobe that automatically reflects the player's gender 

- Oven with baking functionality and a mortar for grinding wheat 
- Decorative elements and textures that can be switched independently of each other (5 colors as of version 3.0)

- Follower-bed that can be  rolled out when needed, and tucked away when not. 

- A wide variety of named storage solutions

- Most light-sources can be turned on and off at your leisure

- Ability to change the interior walls at any time. 10 choices are available. 

- 10 shrines that can be swapped out as needed in two spots of the home. Default are Kynareth and Julianos. 

This home uses vanilla textures for the hammock and the "bean-bag" in the reading area. I suggest downloading a good texture-replacer for tents under the "dungeon" folder in Data. The one used in the pictures is Langley's. 

The Treasure Display can hold these items:

All Dragonmasks
Kyne's Token 
Diadem of the Savant
Necromancer Amulet
Shield of Solitude
Dawnguard Rune Shield

Clockwork - Vinsvept
Moonless Night - Vindsvept
Pippin the hunchback - Kevin Macleod
Suonatore di Liuto - Kevin MacLeod
Teller of Tales - Kevin Macleod
Vinsvept - The Oracle's Prophecy
Vindsvept - Distant
Faal-feykro - Organic View on Nexus (captain creepy)
Fen-Kos-Drem - Organic View on Nexus (captain creepy)
Stonwall District - NirShor -

DanielCoffey - for his book textures and book mesh

tueffelachtein - for outdoor-garden model (the dwemer pipe with glass door) 

Chesko - "Wandering stick" mesh from Frostfall that I turned into a ladder 

Cyphe - The hanging mage satchel near the bed

Natterforme - for scarf mesh

FranklinZunge - for the wardrobe vanilla-clothes combinations

LorSakyamuni - stool mesh from Witcher 3, firepoker from Witcher 3

Oaristys - Witcher 2 meshes, small decorative items and "building blocks", various canvas sack meshes

SpinaDeMul - Wine-rack mesh 

Insanity - For the pillow meshes, blanket mesh and washing clutter
Stroti - For his kitchen clutter and crafting/woodworking tool resources

Blary - various alchemy clutter meshes

Runspect - Alchemy beaker, gardening shovel mesh and metal washtub-mesh. 

Lolicept - Baking plate mesh in the oven-hood

Tamira - For the Hammock mesh  

BrettM -charchoal sticks and other small clutter items - for most HD custom textures (some free assets, some purchased for this home) - for various vector patterns (free)
Darkfox127 - for his youtube-guide on how to make the treasure wall. His video can be found here:

Hoamaii - music box script