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Adds a craftable Awesome AF wizards staff to the blacksmith :) 7 Different effects can occur on hit. 3 visual effects for the weapon cycle and animate.

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Note: Eli will most likely take SS's later cause mine are crap and I have no ENB's or any of that stuff and I'm bad at SS's anyway.

So someone brought up a video I did a while back demonstrating this staff, luckily Eli still had the nif I sent her so I was able to get it up and working and here's the release wooooo

I: Video
II: Description

Adds the Master level wizards staff 'The Elianora' to the Forge crafting menu. It will show up under Misc if you have Master Destruction and Level 5 Enchanting. The mats required are obscene but then again the weapon is worth it. The weapon has a rotating visual effect between Fire, Ice, and Lightning. The visual cues in no way effect how it fires. It default does around 40 points of damage on the base and can trigger 7 different effects. Every time you hit someone with the effect it will drain 10% of your current health to cast.

The following effects each have a 11% chance to cast with a 5 second global cooldown inbetween
I: Horkalator, damages the target and turns it into a horker for 20 seconds
II: Toasty, Incinerates the target completely
III: Implosion, creates a electric gravity flux which pulls targets in and electrocutes them
III: Frosty, hits the target with waves of ice freezing them temporarily

The following effects each have a 18% chance to happen, no cooldown.
I: Fire, Blasts the target with a few fireballs from the sky
II: Lightning, Lightning bolts strike the target from above
III: Ice, Ice spikes impale the target

Q: Are you the most awesome person of all time?
A: Probably

Q: Is Elianora going to kill you when she wakes up?
A: Probably

Q: If I'm a hot chick can I send you my pic will you take me to dinner?
A: Probably

Q: Is that the only way you are going to answer these questions?
A: Probably