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About this mod

This is a simple player house mod near Ivarstead

Added option file which add small village and mine near WindPath

Permissions and credits
[ Latest version 1.2 (WindPath) ] 13/04/2016
[ Latest version 1.0 (RiverRock) ] 25/04/2016
In closet function for all version, there is an issue that remove your enchant and upgrade from added armor as favorite.
I'm checking and fixing it. this is caused by my poor script coding.
Sorry, but please do not use favorite function. (just as container, it's no problem) 

- Added option file "River Rock ver 1.0"
This option add small village and mine near WindPath.
I recommend that use this with WindPath.esp.

About Mine
Now Mine is closed (ver 1.0). Author is learning about mine more. sorry.

- Added some images and changed
- Added change log

------- About this mod ---------

This mod is which add player house "WindPath" to near Ivarstead.
WindPath has only few features to help your life in skyrim.

And option file "RiverRock" will add small village and mine near WindPath.

------- Install ---------

I recommend that you use NMM for installing.

[ WindPath (Main file) ~ ver 1.2 ]
-- No DLC required
-- SKSE required (only part of closet function and equip function of dressing room in latest ver 1.2)

[ RiverRock (Option file) ~ ver 1.0]
-- No DLC required
-- Please set ESP loadOrder as below for navmesh