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New animated Thalmor banner replacer with 2 retexture options!

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** This mod is now also part of my new mod Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul!

I'm a big fan of the design and story line of the Thalmor in Skyrim, but It's always bugged me that almost every other banner in the game gets animation love except the Thalmor banners?  It's not as easy as just creating a mesh replacer for the vanilla static Thalmor banners as they are all positioned in such a way that it would cause unbearable clipping.  So, I created this mod to replace the boring, static Thalmor Banners with new, animated, retextured Thalmor banners worthy of their "nobility".

I've created 2 variations depending on your taste...Better and Fancy.  Both are only 1K textures.  

File has been cleaned with TES5Edit and tested with no issues.


P.S.S.  Both files contain NIFs of a static versions of these retextured Thalmor banners, in case for some reason you'd rather just create static banner replacers with these new fringe textures.

A few points...

  • These are custom meshes/textures, so if you use any other Thalmor banner texture replacer it WILL NOT look right on these banners. 
  • Any mod editing the existance/location of Thalmor Embassy architecture and/or vanilla Thalmor banners could conflict with this mod.
  • This mod will not change any Thalmor banners (from other mods, etc) other than those in the Thalmor Embassy.  Any other Thalmor banners could be added to this plugin with the Creation kit, or could be added in game using a mod like Jaxonz Utilities (  It probably won't work to just replace the vanilla Thalmor banner with these meshes due to positioning/clipping issues.
  • Make sure you load this mod after any such mods as above.


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