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Homemade extend killmove as like a samurai style.

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This is my personal handmade killmove animation That I had take a reference from "Samurai X" comic work.


This mod will replace one of the vanilla killmove animations, By default I've set it to replace the "paired_1hmkillmovee.hkx", Because after few time I test I just found this killmove idle correspond to VioLens 1hm (Bash, Trip, Slash) section.

You can replace to any other killmove animation like paired_1hmkillmovea, b, c, d, f, or you can even replace 2-handed sword(2hm) killmove as well, But you need to know which current killmove will be replaced and correspond to which VioLens custom section, Because in vanilla Skyrim environment character just hvae low chance to use killmove in combat, without VioLens you probably never know my samurai killmove is exactly working or not.

Beside, Some killmove is contain body cut effect(Head, Body), If you replace those killmoves with my samurai killmove suppose you will get the same effect aswell, Unfortunately I have no idea those killmove correspond to which VioLens custom section, If you guys found it, please let me know lol. 

If you are not really understand what I'am talking above, and you don't know too much about skyrim animation system, just follow my VioLens setting to setup aswell to enjoy it buddy.

Nmm/Mo, Quick Install, Easy Remove. Before you ask me anything, Please Row down your mouse wheel and look the Q and A first.

Some user feedback they can't work with (Bash, Trip, Slash) section, but work with (Bash Stab), so if you doesn't work with (Bash, Trip, Slash) section, you can try (Bash Stab) or other section.


Q & A:

Q:Why when the killmove finish, character sheathed weapon but weapon still appear on their hand?

A:I want the prefect, but thing is, When killmove is running, all annotation is invalid, all camera and weapon node is fixed and unchangeable. Yea this is terrible, this is one of the reason I don't want to release it because it is not prefect...     

Q:This Killmove will effect 1st person? Can I change the camera setting in VioLens, and it will works?

A:Why don't you try by yourself? It will take you many time? Oh come on, just joking lol, yea you can change the camera setting in VioLens and it will work, but not quite deterrent.

Q:This Killmove is awesome, but I don't want it to replace my vanilla killmove, I would like to use both of them, can you make it to be a extra killmove without replacement? 

A:No, It is not on my field, But you can try to ask fore, he's deep development on Skyrim animation system construction.

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Kisetsu Kimono
Akaviri Follower Reiko Redux
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