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Last updated at 22:09, 28 May 2017 Uploaded at 20:10, 16 Mar 2016

This standalone follower mod was made to test a funny teenage girl voice resource for the game, which has been released separately here. The three girl followers included use my initial version of that voice resource and are just meant to be examples. Anyone can make their own with the voice files I'm providing as a resource. The voicing was constructed from 100% vanilla assets, using sound mastering software to 1.) get the voice to sound like a teenage girl and 2.) cut and paste words and phrases to make the girls act like teenage girls. They will alternately be happy, giggly, sad, bitchy, arrogant and downright mean - they are, after all, at that age when their hormones are raging.

The Sassy Girl Story:

These girls were born triplets - their mother died in childbirth. Their father, blessed by Akatosh, was a powerful and skilled warrior that was determined by the greybeards to have dragonborn abilities, and thus worthy of the way of the voice. A stubborn man, he soon grew frustrated and left before completing his training. The girls were exceedingly lucky to share in his dragonborn blood, and watched and learned from their father's lessons while at High Hrothgar. They managed to learn some basic shouts before their father packed them up and left, settling in Whiterun. Unfortunately, in his ongoing grief over the death of his beloved spouse, he succumbed to many years of alcohol abuse, and the girls were now on their own. The girls decided to head west out of Whiterun and stumbled into a giant camp, and, working together, they were able to slay the giant. Aela The Huntress witnessed the battle and rushed to assist, but by the time she arrived the battle was over. Impressed by the girls' skill in battle, Aela convinced them to join The Companions. Jorrvaskr is where you will find them, in the living quarters. Because of the dragonborn blessing of Akatosh given to their father, they can sense the power of the True Dragonborn, and will assist him or her without question. 


Race: Nord
Combat Type: Combat Mage Elemental
Abilities: Flames, Firebolt, Frostbite, Ice Spike, Lightning Bolt, Sparks, Healing (player and allies), call Dremora Lord
Outfit: Warlock robe


Race: Nord
Combat Type: Sword Shield
Abilities: Elemental Fury, Dragonrend, Call of Valor
Outfit: Steel Light Armor


Race: Nord
Combat Type: Archer
Abilities: Animal Allegiance, Kyne's Peace, Conjure Familiar, Magic Bow (auto arrow replenishing)
Outfit: Hunter clothes

Other Info:

Height: .94
Weight: 0
Files included: 1-BSA, 1 ESP

Bodytype: UUNP Nevernude (default), CBBE Nevernude (optional)
Essential: Yes
Sleep package: Yes
Sandbox type: Once recruited as a follower, they will stay wherever you dismiss them
Adoptable: No


Q: Can I recruit more than one at a time?
A: They use default game follower rules. If they see that you have someone already following you, they will say "Nah, I don't think so" when you ask them to join you. You will need to use a follower management mod and force recruit if you need a team to follow you.

Q: Will you do <x> body type?
A: What you see is what you get. This mod exists because I'm interested in adding variety in voice and NPC types to the game. Between the UNP and CBBE body types that I've supplied, you can equip them with most any armor type and get a decent result.

Q: Hey, your Sassy Girl follower mod had 12 girls. Only 3 girls in this one, and all one race? WTF, why are you slacking?
A: I'm basically lazy. Sorry about that. I was somewhat motivated to do that for the SE port, but that burst of energy soon faded.

Q: Can you make a teenage boy voiced follower mod?
A: Hah, been there, done that. Here you go

Q: These girls are so cute! Can I marry them?

A: I made a marriage quest as a joke (they are annoying spouses, as you would expect from me). I wouldn't want to go through with that myself, but it's your game.


Screenshots and testing: marmotte, ZwabberdieBo
Voicing (modified source files from game): Harley Graham
RaceMenu by Expired
Dimonized UNP Body by dimon99
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius Jeir and Caliente
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
Seductive Lips HD by EcthelionOtW 
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
SG Female Eyebrows by Hello Santa
UNP Minidresses Collection by Tiwa44 (mesh modified by me)
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente
SG Hair pack 268 by Hello Santa
Русский перевод (Russian translation)
Traducción Española (Spanish translation)


Reqtified Mod Showcase by Anordil87

Dance everybody! by TornFlesh

Skyrim Mods 207 by MXR

Skyrim Mod Review 103 by vatiwah


My understanding of the permissions on the individual mod assets used in these files are that the assets are free to use with credits to the creators, which I have done here to the best of my knowledge. If I have missed something in the permissions, let me know and I will either correct the permissions or remove the offending material upon request. For use of this mod, please provide credits as above and a link to this mod on Nexus, thanks. If you translate this mod, please provide a link so I can show it here. No paid modding sites, ever.

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