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This is the clothes for UNP body type. All parts are separated, so you can combine it with other mods!

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I've been searching for a long time for a good UNP female armor. I wanted to find smth elegant, but found nothing for my tastes. So, I decided to make my own outfit. Hope you'll like it!

Black Viper is a light snake-like outfit for UNP body type (nevertheless, it will work properly with all body types that supports UNP skin textures). You can find snake's scales on the corset, on the velvet cloth and on the boots. The final trait is the necklace in the form of a snake. You can wear all parts of this outfit separately, so you can combine them with other armor and clothes.

There are two versions: with HDT HighHeels system and without HDT HIghHeels.
Cho0se ONE!



Q: Can I upload on Nexus your Black Viper armor with other body preset?
A: No. I don't want to see this armor with other presets at least on Nexus.
You can use meshes and do what you want for your private usage
(or you can share it on tumblr or flickr, for example).

Q: Can you make a convertion for 7B, UUNP, UNPB,
Body with  huge as planet tits which I can take and beat down a dragon yourself?
A: No. Let this mod be the island for pretty UNP (okaaaay and CBBE) body.


Q:You are a little hater! 


Q: Any chance to CBBE conversion?

Q: Will you add physics to your outfit?
A: Myself - no. Skyrim has a lot of bugs with it.
You want physics?
You can do it?
Write me and I'll add your work to this mod  


There are nine parts in Black Viper:

~Velvet cloth

You can find the outfit in the chest near the table in the Arcanaeum (College of Winterhold)

Just put meshes and textures folders with the esp file into your DATA
Do not forget to tick on the mod if it is necessary


Many thanks to

Ivan Krieg

 for amazing screenshots! ♥ ♥ ♥

Special thanks to yevvie & Vol for making CBBE HDT convertion!

Also many thanks to 
nsk13 for LittleRed Riding Hood Outfit
dikr for BouncyBodices and Booties
Petrovich for UNPHigh Heels
dimon99  for DIMONIZEDUNP female body
SydneyB for AsharaDimonized Dress and jewelry
Kalilies  for Leah Lilith Jewelry

See more my works on my  Flickr!