subtle sunglare all in one for vivid weathers CoT Vanilla by xrayy
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Added: 13/03/2016 - 04:47PM
Updated: 13/09/2017 - 06:44PM

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Last updated at 18:44, 13 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 16:47, 13 Mar 2016

a small enhacement (texture replacer) for the great vivid weathers (recommended) and CoT mod and vanilla if you like to add very subtle, natural sunglare effect.
i like especially vivid weathers mod very much. only thing was that the sun was like untouched without any ray effect.
from a picture taken with my cam i reworked a pic with the gimp for for a subtle, natural sunglare effect enhacement texture to fullfill my needs.
just put the texture in the data folder or load it or the zip with mod organizer behind all other weather mods or mods replacing sun/sky related textures.
this replacer applies a ray effect so you will see the last ray during sunset and sunrise until the sun is 100% covered by clouds or horizon. 

i hope you like the subtle enhancement as i do. if you like this mod please don't forget to endorse. thank you for trying!

the vivid weather author doesn't recommend sunglare replacer but i can assure you that this one works - at least up to VW V1.51 and with a moderate finetuning on bloom and hdr/ray effects, including enb. using any enb sunglare or ray effect may bring good or lesser good results, but it works if you do some finetuning.

you may use enb, sweetfx and/or sr. all are very good enhancements for finetuning color vibrance/saturation and bloom settings. if you like a decent crisp game experience without a decrease of subtle detail do not use too many harsh effects. use the lesser ray option only if you play with extreme bloom effects. 

this texture replacer is fully compatible with the listed weather mods. if you use mo just activate or deactivate it for your needs. otherwise be sure to backup before overwriting other files. 

you may watch my other mods here.

have fun playing skyrim!