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Nitor and Shittakaburi

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A few more recipes and food items including Mammoth Stew.

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Summary (from original upload by Shittakaburi):

Adds a few new recipes and food items. DOES NOT add new meshes or textures.

Braised Goat: Leg of Goat, Nord Mead
Vegetable Stew: Carrot, Potato, Garlic, Tomato
Baked Potato: Salt Pile, Potato
Carrot Cake: 2 Carrots, Wheat
Apple Pie: 2 Red Apples, Wheat
Apple Berry Pie: 2 Green Apples, Snowberry, Wheat

I don't have time to expand this so I am looking for a modder to continue the work. You can use this plugin as a template and add more recipes and foods. You do not need my permission. You can upload it to your own mod or I can give you permission to upload it here.

These were my own goals, you can use them or not:
1. 5hp or 5stam per ingredient
2. Focus on underused or unused ingredients
3. Mix food items to create more complex and powerful food items (Baked Potato + Cheese + Stew = Chili Cheese Fries +35 hp, for example)

Nitor's Changes:

I couldn't believe there wasn't a mammoth stew in the vanilla game, so I added it to give you a health and stamina regen boost.



v1.1 - Added Mammoth Stew


Bugs and Incompatible Mods:

Possible conflicts with food mods.



- Put MoreFood.esp in Data folder


- Remove MoreFood.esp from Data folder



- Even more foods and effects



Feedback welcome.



Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit.
Shittakaburi for More Food v1.0



Please edit, redistribute, and make derivative works. I would appreciate credit.