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Overhauls your Main Menu

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 Euphy's Main Menu gives you 5 ultra high quality backgrounds all featuring the heroic Jartoo, 3 different tracks by Vindsvept,
 and optionally, lets you use Brumbek's Spinning Logo in any speed with any background.

 In addition, I've actually changed the Bethesda logo into the mantra I chant daily while I am possessed by Mod Greed! 

 The three tracks by Vindsvept are:
 - Flying High - reminds me of Oblivion in parts
 - New Hope - contains some sort of flute but also glorious skyrim friendly chants/shouts                                   
 - Chasing Shadows - chilling, mellow, and entirely sublime                                   


//Overhauls your Main Menu, Kicks up the Zazz, Cures your baldness!//

//Here's a marginally related video while I make one for this mod//


 All backgrounds are 2560x1440 in the highest quality. 

 ENB plays a role in how these backgrounds look ingame.
 Look below to the custom background section to tweak brightness and colour balance to your taste and ENB.

 All 3 Tracks were saved in 192k bitrate.
 - Vindsvept - New Hope was edited to bring the fantastic brass section in much quicker.
 - Vindsvept - Chasing Shadows was edited to be faster and louder.

 The Bethesda logo was a real process to change. It retains the same quality by using an svg. I easily could have replaced it with an  image but the loss of quality was too noticeable. It ended up taking me 8 hours and the process went something like this:

 JPEXS Flash Decompiler -> Adobe Illustrator -> Adobe Flash Professional CS6 -> JPEXS Flash Decompiler

 The trick was to extract the modified 78.svg using JPEXS that I had saved into a now broken startmenu.swf with Adobe F CS6 and then  importing it into an unmodified startmenu.swf with JPEXS.

Custom Background:

 Want to use your own background or resolutions other than 16:9?

 I use Paint.NET but I bet other software that can edit .dds will work.
 In Paint.NET you'll be using:

 Brightness / Contrast and Colour Balance under Adjustments
 Resize under Image


 The way Skyrim renders alters the brightness and colour a bit (at least in the main menu). Images look greener and brighter.
 In the image you are using:
 - Lower the brightness (-10 in Paint.NET)
 - Adjust the colour balance towards magenta/purple (-10 towards magenta in Paint.NET)

 Now images should look more accurate in-game.


 -Step 1 - Line the image up over mine
 -Step 2 - Save as .dds with the settings below. Done!


 -Step 1 - Resize to 2291x2298
 -Step 2 - Line the image up over mine
 -Step 3 - Save as .dds with the settings below. Done!

//other resolutions//

 -Step 1 - Divide 2560 by your resolutions width (result = X) and 1440 by your resolutions height (result = Y)
 -Step 2 - Divide 3055 with X and 3065 with Y
 -Step 3 - You now have mainmenuwallpaper's new width and height, resize the image with those values
 -Step 4 - Line the image up over mine
 -Step 5 - Save as .dds with the settings below. Done!

(don't actually need to generate mip maps)


 No Menu and Loading Smoke - For a cleaner main menu, not necessary though.
 CAT Hohenzollern font - Likely going to end up using this.
 Font Overhaul - Font used in screenshots.


 Brumbek for graciously providing me his essential Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem.
for his/her awe inspiring music. There are many more wonderful tracks like these at Vindsvept's Youtube channel!

//Check out my other mod//

Also check out my Uncle's game!  -  "A gothic daydream found in the flash of life before death."