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combines EFP modules Bandits, Guards, Wizards, Forsworn and Stormcloaks plus helmet correction and meshes from Helm of Ylgar

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Combines EFP modules Bandits, Guards, Wizards, Forsworn and Stormcloaks plus helmet correction and meshes from Helm of Ylgar
Put the EFP.esp in your skyrim/data folder and make sure it is checked in your load order, that's it!

Features (Bandits module):
Huge variation in armour, a bandit would be using anything they can get - not a matching set like the vanilla game
More common weapons and clothing found on bandits (even a knife and fork!)
EVERYONE can dual wield
Archers can have a 1H weapon, 2H weapon or dual wield in addition to the bow, not just a dagger
Bandit bosses can also carry bows, they might get you from afar!

Features (Guards module including Stormcloaks and Raven Rock - requires Dragonborn):
Lore-friendly & cohesive variation in helmets, gauntlets & boots
Guards may wear a random distribute of many Heavy or Light armor sets
Guards in colder areas use more appropriate gear
New Heavy guard armour
Iron Imperial gear variant to reduce colour clashing
Thematic outfits unique to each Hold
Guards can dual wield and have weapons to match

Features (Wizardry module):
Warlocks have all types of melee weapons or bows with combat style augmentation to allow them to use it in combination with magic
Multiple possible armour sets with enchanted necklaces & rings
Enchanted elemental weapons relevant to the mage's specialty (plus draugr weapons for necromancers)
Bosses may have visuals associated with their power, a low level boss may have small hardly noticeable effects but higher level will be very evident (4 possible visuals for each element)
Mages (warlocks, witches, etc.) at level 22+ now have a chance to carry Adept level spell tomes and Expert level spell tomes at 36+

Features (Forsworn module):
Deer, horned deer, skull and troll skull helmets by Ghosu

All are temperable, none are craftable (go find them if you want them).
Everything is light armor except the troll skull helmet (due to its weight) which is heavy.
The normal forsworn may have either of the 2 flavors of vanilla with deer, but only the boss may have one of the skull helmets.

Features (Helm of Ylgar module):
Makes the Ancient Nord Helmet female model the same as male (why they are not the same, I don't know)
Gives female Argonians the antlered mesh they did not originally have
Makes a new helmet Helm of Ylgar using the antlered draugr helm model (with Heavy Armor enchantment and tempering recipe)
Places that new Helm in the room and under the ownership of the Harbinger of the Companions