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A long forgotten shield, and for good reason....

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Hello my name is Alkarath,

First off thank you very much for visiting my mod page.
This is my very first mod, it took me a total of 2 months to make starting without any knowledge about 3d modeling, texturring and modding in general.
However thru watching hours of tutorials aswell as incredible help from the nexus community i managed to make a mod i am somewhat proud of.
Both the model and textures are hand made completely from scratch.

We've reached nearly 2000+ unique downloads and 100+ endorsements, thank you so much. Really i cant thank you guys enough!
If you downloaded my mod, please dont hesitate to leave any feedback both postive and or negative as i am eager to improve my skills.
If you want to sumbit screenshots im glad to take a look at them, since i am terrible at making them.

Anyways without to much further ado, i present to you the Shield of the Forgotten Jarl.

A long lost shield worn only by those worthy of the long forgotten throne, the shield past on from one to another and now you may lay your hands on this cursed shield, if you dare.......

3D Preview on Sketchfab

Update 2.1.

Compressed all texture files.

Update 2.0.

As promised update 2.0 is now live, with a newly made model, uvmap and textures.
Version 2.0 Changelog:

All new polished model.
An 8 times smaller base texture without losing any quality.
2 completely new textures, both in 3 resolutions.
Fixed the over excessive glow / shine.
Fixed collsion bug.

Where to find it:

You need deadric smithing to craft this shield.
You can craft this shield at any forge using 6 ebony ingots, a daedra heart and leather strips.
Tempering is available too and costs 1 ebony ingot.
Shield has no special enhancements and is not a unique, in other words it is enchantable like any other armor.

Type: Heavy Armor
Base Armor Rating: 38
Weight: 18.00
Value: 3200

Installation: Let NMM or MO do the work for you, or simply drag the files to the corrosponding maps in you skyrim data folder. For the optional files always say "yes" to overwrite.

If you like my mod feel free to vote & endorse but do not feel obliged to do so, Thank you once again for all the support.
I will continue working on mods for skyrim and or fallout 4.

Programs used:

Blender 2.6.0a & 2.76b - 3d Model
Gimp 2.0 - Textures
xNormal 3.19.2 - Normalmaps
Niftools Blender Nifscripts 2.5.9 - Exporting / Importing .nif's
Creation Kit
Bethesda Archive Extractor
Python 2.6.6
PyFFI 2.1.11


Blender Team - Amazing program
Gimp Team - Another Amazing program
Niftools & Nifskope Team - For the amazing programs and add-ons(You guys truly are awsome!)
Bethesda - For the amazing game and the creation kit.
Johnwd7 - For the Archive extractor
Python Team - For Python
PyFFI Team - For PyFFI

Special thanks:

Millenia & imAarwyn - For answering my questions when i did not understand somthing (In other words, quite alot of questions) the both of you are truly awsome, thank you guys so much!