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Makes lockpicking a lot harder and realistic. You will now need the lockpicking perks to open higher level locks.

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Harder lockpicking

Fully compatible with Dawnguard

In my eyes vanilla lockpicking is way too easy. It is possible to open all locks without spending a single skill point into lockpicking.

With this mod lockpicking will be a lot harder and realistic.
You still will be able to open novice locks and MAYBE apprentice locks.

But to open adept locks and above you WILL have to spend some skill points into lockpicking.

Lockpicking perks are also changed: In Vanilla novice lockpicking only affects novice locks, which is pretty useless. With my mod, every lockpicking perk affects every lock.

I highly recommend my other mod:

more locked containers

Version 1.12
- minor improvements
- added german version of the mod
- changed name to "Harder lockpicking and useful perks"

Version 1.11
- Misc. Vendors will now sell more lockpicks

Version 1.1
- lockpicking potions and enchantments are much more useful now
(if you are not able to open a lock, a potion might help. but don't expect wonders...)
- lockpicks are rarer in loot
- tripled price of lockpicks

Version 1.0
- Lockpicking is much harder
- You are no longer able to open all locks without investing some skill points into lockpicking
- effect of perks increased (you WILL need them to open high level locks)
- all lockpicking perks affect all locks (in vanilla novice lockpicking only affects novice locks - pretty useless because they're already very easy)


- Full Dawnguard compatibility

- if you use other perk modifications please load my mod after it

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