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Improves Skyrim's combat by removing the ultra-precise aimbot attacks of Creatures, and imposing movement limits on Humanoid NPCs while they are attacking!

Permissions and credits
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READ THIS: If you want to use the SIC patch, you can use SIC patch 1.3 + Mortal Enemies 1.4 together without a problem!

SSE Version is up @ http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4881/?

Version 1.4 is here!
  • Improved NPC/Player Melee Feel - 1Handers are more fluid, 2Handers a little slower, Power Attacks for both are sluggish but a little more fluid than 1.3
  • Improved Player Archery Feel (faster sens when drawn)
  • Tweaked Casting Sensitivity (weightier feel when channeling)
  • Fixes to some Creatures that were not covered previously

Requiem, No Movement Tweaks, and Vanilla versions to come soon.

Requiem versions of main file and SIC patch added

Version 1.3 is available now!

Tips for v1.3
- Enemies generally have wider attack cones than v1.2
- Enemies generally are slower than v1.2
- Werebeasts of all types are brutally dangerous
- Wild Animals are dangerous up close
- Enemies with 2 handed weapons have wide swing arcs, side dodging is less effective against them. Get in, hit, and get out quickly
- Enemies with 1 handed weapons have narrower swing arcs, side dodging and up close brawling are effective against them

- Stab and chop attacks have narrower hit cones than lateral slashes do (Weapon using creatures like Draugr follow this rule)
- Have fun and remember to give feedback here!

Version 1.0 of Skyrim Immersive Creatures Patch is now available!

-Ever tried to dodge a draugr's attack in vanilla Skyrim? 

Sorry... it won't work, he will track you with 100% accuracy. This is why tkDodge needs invincible frames. Until now, atleast, thanks to snaresNX digging in to creature data and finding some important values for combat!

This mod removes that annoying ultra accurate tracking on all creatures (even the DLCs)!

-Ever feel like bandits just can't miss in melee?

They can't miss. Unless you use Taro8's awesome Attack Commitment mod! 

Attack Commitment has been merged into this mod to effectively cover all enemies in game! 

Here are the changes over the original mod
Mortal Enemies (v1.3)
1h/2h normal attacking - 40 while stationary/30 while running
Power Attacking - 30 while stationary/20 while running

Attack Commitment 
1h/2h normal attacking - 20 while stationary/10 while running
Power Attacking - 20 while stationary/10 while running

-What this mod does: de-aimbot all the enemies

1. Changes rotational acceleration rates of ALL enemy creatures so they cant track
the PC like an aimbot anymore as well as changes their melee cones to be smaller and have less range,
allowing you to dodge with something like tkDodge. They are still pretty accurate
if you are not dodging.

2. Changes rotational speeds of the Humanoid NPCs during weapon swings so they 
are allowed only a small amount of movement while swinging a weapon, allowing
them to be dodged and countered with tkDodge or fancy footwork. These changes 
apply to the player as well. 

3. Changes Humanoid NPC movement speeds around a bit when weapons are drawn/or attacking. 
Blocking movement speed is faster than vanilla, and weapons drawn movement is slower.

4. This mod does all of this without scripts, super easy to install or remove. Just activate or deactivate the .esp file!

-How is this done?

1. The way most creatures work in Skyrim is they all have 250ms to get up to top rotational speed. This is really, really quick and is the reason they can track you all the way through a power attack (or any attack). What this mod does is tune that acceleration rate for every creature in the game, as well as decreases and tunes the size of their melee hit cones for all attacks. Wild animals such as sabre cats, wolves, and bears are still very dangerous BUT they are not perfect aimbots anymore. Draugr are still capable warriors, but without perfect tracking during all attacks. Every different creature has been tuned by testing each type individually until I was having fun trying to dodge the different attacks. Creatures have flavor now, they aren't all the same!

2. Attack Commitment has been merged into this mod with some minor changes. Normal swings from both 1H and 2H weapons are a little bit quicker and allow more movement than in Attack Commit, however Power Attacks remain unchanged from Attack Commit. This mod locks the player or npc into a small degree of movement when during an attack animation, instead of being able to track a target during a swing with 100% accuracy.


READ THIS: The plugin should be put below Ultimate Combat.esp or otherwise the attack commitment does not work. 

If you use DRAGON COMBAT OVERHAUL put it AFTER this mod or some of DCOs features wont take effect.

Put after mods that modify combat attack speed and creature attack stats

- Compatible with Skyrim Immersive Creatures with the SIC patch in the optional files

- Compatible with Combat Evolved

- Should be compatible with everything else


Place Mortal Enemies V1.0.esp into your Data Folder

Activate to install or deactivate the .esp file to uninstall! No other work required!


Attack Commitment by taro8 - The inspiration for this mod. Can be used after M.E. in load order to overwrite my custom values (mine allow a little more movement during normal attacks, power attacks are the same in both mods)

TK Dodge by tktk1 - Mortal Enemies was designed to be used with this one, you will rarely move fast enough without using this mod to dodge most creature attacks.

Weapon Parry Standalone
by wbunkey2244 - Another awesome mod that changes combat in a way that makes sense

T3nd0's Perkus Maximus by T3nd0 - A great overhaul that improves combat with features like timed blocking, and common sense melee ranges!

Difficult Archery by mikely92 - Make NPCs less accurate when using archery

Realistic Archery by SIDWULF - some great archery changes in general

Pseudo parry animation by topeira - 3rd person alternate weapon parry animation

Any mod that reduces Vanilla melee range for the PC!

Upcoming Changes

- a patch for the Requiem mod

- a final small pass that will increase the effects of the mod while keeping the difficulty balanced, 
after that will come a major overhaul of this mod that will attempt to tune every type of attack even further within every creature class. The focus of this overhaul will be to match attack animations with accurate cones of fire, swing angles, and make the underlying combat system mirror what the game is showing the player visually.

- Vanilla Only version

- Alternate versions with faster Attack Commit speed tweaks for the player

- No Movement Changes version with no changes to weapons draw/blocking movement speeds to be compatible with your favorite movement tweak mods. 

- Better Dragon tuning

- Slight tuning to differentiate overlapping classes (snowy sabre cats will be different than regular sabrecats, but not by a whole lot). Currently they have the same exact statistics, as do all undead/draugr.


- SIC Patch available - comes in two .esp files for SIC and SIC DLC2

-v1.4 - Focused on improving the feel of combat for the player, differentiating 1H/2H attack sensitivity, removing the mouse speed restriction on drawn bows, and added a restriction on casting mouse movement
All changes listed below
  •  1H Attack 40 Stationary/35 Moving
  •  2H Attack 35 Stationary/30 Moving
  •  Power Attack 30 Stationary/20 Moving
  •  Bow Drawn 90 -> 180 
  •  Cast Channeling 180 -> 90

-v1.3 - Improved the effect of the mod, enemies were made slower where applicable as well as given increased melee cones to match their animations

-v1.2 - Fixed blocking movement speed

-v1.1 - Forwarded USLEEP changes