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A Mid Realistic Fantasy ENB

Permissions and credits

Check also my Enb reshade
for Skyrim Se Sin Xtreme Realism ENB and GoldenChromatic ENB

LuciEN ENB had the name from my father, LUCIEN, today 27-02 date of release, it's his 71 birthday

Thanks to Boris Vorontsov to mention my Preset on his page


1 All weather system has been reworked to adapt to NLVA mod

2 it has +40 weather types +all weathers from previous version

3 every region has differents kind of weathers 

4 dawn and dusk are completly single different from each other

5 All days have different light, so has nights

Completly Compatible with Lands mods thanks to Guilaster Re-work:


Summerset Isles
Gray Fox Cowl
Moonpath To Elsweyr ( Require my Moonpath Weather Patch )
Molag Bals Inferno
Beyond Reach

Link Here for the Enhanced Version LuciEN ENB Enhanced

Installation Lucien NLVA:

1 download and instal latest binary v308 dll (remember to correct lines in your skyrimprefers.ini)
2 download VividWeather and install it Vividweather
3 Deactivate Vividweather.esp
4 Download Nlva Weather and install it NLVA
5 Download Lucien NLVA and put manually all files into your skyrim game folder ( overwrite if asked )
6 Correct the enblocal to your preference
7 check that natural lightining vivid atmosphere.esp is activated

Installation Lucien v.2:

1 - Download the Archive
2 - From the folder into the archive,
take all files and folders and put them into your folder Skyrim  Game
3 - Download the latest ENBvrs from ENBDEV
4 - Download the  ENBHELPER and put the enbhelper.dll into the enbseries folder
5 - From the wrapper Folder of the downloaded enbversion,
take the d3d9.dll and put it into your Skyrim game folder
6 - Go to the data folder and look for the PRKLweather.esp and activate it 
Remember to set properly the d3d9.dll in the skyrimprefs.ini 
( mydocuments/mygames/Skyrim )
SET this line or add them if you don't have it

Remember also to low down the brightness in game at ur own taste,
and switch off AA and AF in the videocard option setting


Installation If you have NLA

1 - Download the Archive
2 - From the folder into the archive,
take all files and folders ECCEPT THE Data and put them into your folder Skyrim  Game
overwrite when request
3 - Download the  ENBHELPER and put the enbhelper.dll into the enbseries folder
4 - Download the latest ENBvrs from ENBDEV
5 - From the wrapper Folder of the enbversion,
take the d3d9.dll and put it into your Skyrim game folder


delete all files you add to your skyrim folder game

(True storm and Elfx in screens)
Youcan check other screens here Lucien NLVA Screens

( check my modlist, I use Elfx and true storm )

For windows 10 players,
remember to delete the dxgi.dll and dxgi.fx,
otherwise your game will crash,
I don't know if this problem still persist
deleting dxgi files this would change 
a little the preset adding more light
This is win10 problem with sweet fx, not the enb.
(working on a vrs for win10 to solve this)
version NLVA is fully compatible with Win10.
the lose FPS is usually 10 fps
but depending on system, amount and types of mods
can be more
Any weather mods that change the weather system
is not compatible
(Climates of Tamriel,Purity, ect ect...)
Eccept for NLA, just follow the installation guide

ELFX o ELE are compatible with some ecceptions,
actually this preset has been build with ELFX 2.0 ,
ELFX has some known problems in some areas
that will make some light source appear and disappear closly,
it's a problem of ELFX not the PRESET
ELE will make some interiors more brighter 
If you don't use the mod TRUE STORM
remember to enable the voice Rain in the enbseries.ini

If you wanna gain some Fps
just disable the LENS effect and the DoF effect from the enbseries.ini
For any questions and help fell free to contact me
This is the link to my complete modlist,
of course you can use any mod that would make your skyrim beautiful
it will look a little different from my screens MODS LIST


Recommended mods:

This mods are essenzial and will make your game look better

TRUE STORM ( it's highly reccomend )
Lighting during thunderstorm 
Mindflux particle patch
Snow fx for enb
Quality snow HD

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I want to thank theSkyrim-Italia FB Fanpage
for all the support and help i had
testing the ENB on different set up,
i don't need to put names , you know who you are!!
Megaloblast for NLVA
Mangaclub for Vividweaher
 EWALD for his incredible Sweetfx setting  
- Mindflux for his particle patch enb
Guilaster for his rework and adaptation of my preset for the lands mods
Confidenceman for his NLA presetting 
(For any permission issues ,i followed the instruction left from autors )
 AND of course Boris Vorontsov for ENB