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Retexture of the juniper shrubs commonly found in the west reach, available in 4k or 2k resolutions.

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Because my eyes couldn't take the vanilla textures any more, and I couldn't find a standalone retex on the Nexus.

I only recommend the 4k version for lunatics and temporary screenshooting. Sane modders who enjoy stable gameplay should stick to the 2k version. The vanilla texture is 1k. Also worth noting: the meshes are pretty low quality for this shrub. It didn't get the attention that other small trees received. My original goal was to make the junipers far more dense and "full" with their vegetation, but that only highlighted how flat and wide the meshes are, so I had to find a happy medium.

Should be fully compatible with NMM, but this is my first Skyrim mod and first NMM mod, so please let me know if it's working :P
Manual installation is as simple as extracting the downloaded file and merging the Data folder inside it with the Data folder in your Skyrim directory.

Recommended mods:
Ultimate Lush Overhaul - I'm pretty sure this adds extra branches to the juniper shrubs, improving the density.