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This mod offers clean and refreshed apperances for Balimund, Ainethach, Filnjar, Pavo, Perth, Quintus, and Omluag.

Permissions and credits
This is a modification of several male property owners across Skyrim. Whether you are looking for a husband who has his own home/business for you to move into, or you'd like to avoid potentially catching something as you interact with these formerly dirty gents, this modifies the following marriage candidates:

Ainethach - Karthwasten Hall
Balimund - Scorched Hammer in Riften
Filnjar - House in Shor's Stone
Pavo Attius - House next to Kolskeggr Mine (with an orc roommate and a bit untidy)
Perth - House in Soljund's Sinkhole if you use Arthmoor's expansion for it.
Quintus Navale - The White Phial (only minor changes made; still wears a silly cap)
Omluag in Markarth - Doesn't own a house but he seriously needed a bath and I like the guy.

All fellows have been cleaned and scrubbed, some have received Arcadia's special rejuvenation creme, and a couple others have been to Solitude's hair club for men (still vanilla hair).  This mod does not include skin textures, so their appearance may vary depending on what you use.  Screenshots shown with both Better Males and Skysight Skins for comparison.

This was done for my own personal use and just something I thought to share for a few who might be interested.  I've excluded the dark elf home owners, as I thought they looked fine already with EEO.  Also left off a few others that had homes added by Arthmoor's mods (Golldir, Roggi, etc.) as I thought they looked well enough as is.

Additional Mods Used in Images:
Better Males (NSFW)
Skysight Skins
Rustic Clothing - Clean clothes to go along with that clean skin

Other Recommendations because Dovahkiin needs to be clean too:
Bathing in Skyrim (NSFW)
Showers in Inns OR Perseids Inns and Taverns