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Alternate metal and glass texture sets for the glass armor, for both male and female

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I no longer have time to keep this mod updated

So I wasn't really all to happy with the way the glass armor looked, I didn't like the gold/bronze finish of the armor, and the glass as it stood was fine, but I needed variety.

I intended only to do one or two colors (Slate and Sapphire) for my own personal use but at my husbands suggestion I've made more and subsequently shared the with the community.

All the sets included my new metal color which is a silver/black finish.
Color options:
Emerald (also available in a black metal finish)
Purple (also available in a black metal finish)
Elven (the standard glass color with a silver metal color)

Added in the matching weapons for all current variants.
Dark metal Ruby weapons are in, matching armor coming soon.
Known Issue:
The bow, for what ever reason is displaying the colors about 10 shades lighter than it should be, I'm attempting to correct this. It's most noticeable in the blue, ruby purple and dark purple/emerald bows. Slate, Elven and Amber don't seem to show this problem as much.
Will make a fix (or attempt too) Asap.
There are also some slight armor discolorations between the weapons, this is a base texture problem stemming from the lack of quality found in the Bethesda textures and aside from re texturing them from scratch, not much can be done.

Added in the male items to complete the male set.
this includes the two requested black/emerald and black/purple texture variants.
--Additional update--
Shields added for all variants male and female
Made adjustments to the male and female dark (black) purple variant. It looked way too pink.

Update: 11/19.11
Additional file set.
New file set contains a black armor variant with either purple or emerald colored glass.

I also intend to make a variant of this set with the old armor color (gold/bronze) with the new glass colors.

Please let me know if you find any issues.

Planned additions:
Black armor with emerald glass
Black armor with purple glass
Male chest ( to complete the set)
Matching weapons for all the texture changes
Vanilla metal colors with the alternate glass colors

To install:
Unzip the 'Glass Armor' folder and extract the color set you want (all labeled)
Open the Folder and copy the Data folder into your Skyrim folder. the file structure is already in place.

The Zip contains a read me with instructions, as well as more screen shots.

Please feel free to leave comments!