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Crafted to include an entirely new weather-system and polished ENB preset to construct an authentic and lore-friendly fidelity with a realistic curve.

Permissions and credits

(Thanks hodilton!)



Remove all previous lighting/weather/ENB mods that may have been installed previously.
This ENB is hard hitting on performance, use the PERFORMANCE Quality option for higher FPS.

1. Download the latest ENB series, copy the d3d9.dll & enbhost.exe from "WrapperVersion" to your Skyrim directory.

2. Within FIDELITY, choose if you want to manually install or automatically install. 

Here is a guide for the QUALITY options:
1 EXTREME: Best visuals, worst performance
2 QUALITY: Good visuals, good performance
3 PERFORMANCE: Worst visuals, best performance

Automatically (Recommended):

Choose a quality option and run the corresponding .exe, read text provided in the extractors. 

Installation is completed :) Run Skyrim & enjoy.

If Windows Smart-screen filter blocks the auto-installer, its a false positive; click "More info" then "run anyway".

Manually (Not Recommended):

Open the Manual folder and and choose a quality option, drag the "DATA" folder into the Skyrim Directory & continue to the next steps

Enter the MAIN folder within the quality option, drag these files into your Skyrim Directory. 

Additionally, you may install some of the optional settings found in the OPTIONAL folder, drag these into the Skyrim directory to install.

 Edit your SkyrimPrefs.ini:

Open up SkyrimLauncher.exe, disable all AA/AF, make sure FXAA is disabled additionally. Furthermore, make sure no AA/AF is forced in GPU Control Panels, if so, disable it. 

To achieve shadows on the trees at further distance you will need to edit a few values in SkyrimPrefs.ini.
fShadowDistance=14000.0000  If you use vanilla trees / SFO Basic
fShadowDistance= 12000.0000 If you use SFO Regular
iShadowMapResolution=8192 Optional but will fix low resolution shadow
If you use extra uGrids read on.
iShadowMapResolution=8192 //Optional but will fix low resolution shadows
Increase fShadowDistance by 4000 per every 2 uGrid increase / Increase iShadowMapResolution by 2048. 

Or you may just replace with the included SkyrimPrefs.ini.

I am in need of pictures! It would be much appreciated if you uploaded some :)

 Other Lighting/Weather Mods:

-Works with most Lighting/Weather mods - Use vanilla!
-Not compatible with any "exterior" fog mods because FIDELITY weather already does this.

-Not compatible with Climates Of Tamriel, Pure Weathers, Purity or any other weather mods.
-Make sure that FIDELITY Weather.esp is above the Lighting/Weather mod(s) and FIDELITY Snow FX.esp is below

Machok for the inspiration, help and fantastic work towards their Dovah Naakin ENB (The base ENB that Fidelity is built upon)
Confidence Man for the guidelines of the creation of the weather plugin -Fidelity Weather does not include the base values and is instead independant in its own right

The amazing guys/girls over at /r/skyrimporn
The guys at the ENB forum
Boris Vorontsov for the brilliant creator for ENB injection.
Hodilton for great advice and video

All ENB Modders for so much inspiration that headed towards this ENB
Mindflux for the aesthetic, amazing snow particles
/u/Core_Ten for inspiration and envy towards his photography

New updates :)

The plan for March - April 2016

For V1.5 (ETA 2 - 16th May (or sooner?))
-Full support for lighting/weather mods
-Climates Of Tamriel/Pure Weathers/Purity, Support (Will be an optional file!)
-Better SFO support (Less bright trees etc)
-Improve sky coloring in sunset/sunrise
-Interior improvements
-DOF improvements
-LOD textures
-Custom grasses
-Sunglasses fix
-Custom presets of different brightness/contrast
-In-Game swapping of presets
-Custom water texture for RWT

Suggest in post section

What to expect from myself and this ENB through the next couple of months?
Due to examinations, the ENB will not be updated as much as I originally planned. Whence why the ENB is now fully released and potentially is lacking in aesthetic content. However, this does not mean that work is not being done, if you have any issues or requests e.g. less bright days, I can complete that for you. It will be slow from now on, but thank you for the support and kind words, additionally the criticism has improved this ENB unbelievably.
I plan to work on the new patch of v1.5 (The final version) in my spare time, this will not be uploaded until I have completed it. But i'll upload preview patches like I have done previously. I will make a plan for v1.5 soon.

Crash at start?

This is often due to recording software such as dxtory etc; just close them before running. However, if you cannot launch the game without any recording software running, you may have an issue with the ENB Wrapper version. To fix this error, you will need to install the Injector option from the ENB binary. Drag the files with "injector" in the name into the Skyrim Directory. Now before launching each game start, run the enbinjector.exe.

Whitewashed bright ENB; BROKEN?
If you are experiences issues, making the ENB ultra bright and washed out, that is an issue with the load order of the mods or conflicting mods. Make sure that all files are installed and FIDELITY"".esps are at the bottom of the load order. IF YOU STILL ARE EXPERIENCING ISSUES, CONTACT ME!
I will respond to every message, don't worry :)

If you are experiencing low fps, install the performance optional file, this will remove all AA and reduce all other features to their lowest value. The only difference is in minutiae detail, however this is not noticeable.

My mods list is very simple: Verdant 1.6 w/ Dark textures, aMidianBorn Book of Silence, Skyrim 2K, Superior Rock Textures LGrey 4k, SRO, Ultimate HD Fire Effects and obviously; FIDELITY ENB :) Additionally, I have extremely high values for uGrids (13), shadow distance(40000), shadow resolution(16384), grass fade distance (12000) and grass densities (15) and ran on 4K resolution, downscale to 1080p; they are impractical (8fps)

Can I reupload this without giving credit?