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Carries forward changes from the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) and the official Dawnguard add-on that are missing from the current rcrnshaders.esp plugin.

*Requires USLEEP and Dawnguard... Obviously*

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Overly long description for so simple a mod

If you're viewing this page after it's gone from it's brief stay on the "Newest Files" section, then you know what "RCRN AE -- HDR Lighting and Weather Enhancement" is. If not then go take a look at there Nexus page, it's an amazing lighting mod. Anyways, RCRN's last update was released at the end of 2013, and the USKP has continued to squash bugs. Now the four different unofficial patches have merged into a single plugin, the "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch".

Anyways, some changes have been made by the unofficial patches to interior sounds, ambient music, sky box settings, and a dozen or so minor edits that you will probably never notice unless you opened up the plugin in TES5Edit. One strange omission is that the Eclipse event sound effects from Dawnguard aren't carried over into either the rcrnshaders.esp or the combined DLC plugin. Anyways, this plugin carries forward all of the edits from USLEEP and the sound effects from Dawnguard.esm.

There are a few omissions to take note of:

1) Region Edit, WeatherWinterhold - In USLEEP v3.0.1 a 1% chance of normal cloudy weather was added to Winterhold so the "Clear Skies" shout would actually clear the regions weather. This change is unnecessary with the RCRN plugins already changed weather chances.

2) Non-Player Character (Actor) - Player Prisoner - These are confirmed as intentional changes by aLaa, the primary author of RCRN.

3) Two street light entries in the "Lights" category are changed by both USLEEP and rcrnshaders.esp. Since the RCRN team made there own lighting changes, I believe this is intentional so I've left it as is.

This file replaces the original rcrnshaders.esp plugin. Unless there are major errors this file will be available as-is. Keep in mind that RCRN is a mod that edits quite a bit of things, and often other mods overwrite it's own changes in places. This is especially true for ELFX users, even without the exterior lighting plugin. You can still use both obviously, but there will still be some conflicts. Those conflicts are easily seen and resolved in xEdit though.


Official Dawnguard DLC
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (USLEEP) v3.0.2b

RCRN AE -- HDR Lighting and Weather Enhancement


Install RCRN -- Anniversary Edition like you normally would first, then set your options. Then overwrite the rcrnshaders.esp plugin of the original mod with this one. Keep in mind that every time you change between RCRN's three presets (Legacy, Classic, and Pure), the tool will change your plugins. Each time you change your primary preset you will need to re-overwrite your plugin with the USLEEP fixed version provided here. The main download is Nexus Mod Manager friendly. You can "Download With Manager and install the automated way, or manually download and do things the old fashioned way. *Overwrite* the original "rcrnShaders.esp" plugin when prompted. Save the original rcrnShaders.esp plugin somewhere in case you want to use the original, for whatever reason.

See the RCRN -- AE page for installation instructions.


the RCRN team in general