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Another addition to your Lodge of Sorceresses collection.

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This is a light armor with a ELVEN armor rating. 

In game, press the ~ key to open up the console. Type in help sile or kiera. Or help __ if you’re lazy like me.
You’ll find the numbers of her items. Type in player.additem INSERTNUMBERHERE 1 and the armor is added into the inventory.

You have my permission these assets for SKYRIM as long as it follows CDProjekt's general guidelines, as they have told me:

-Do not claim that CDProjekt is your official partner of your mod. (Nor me for that matter)
- Do not use these assets for paid mods or third party games.
- Do not use these assets for anything very discriminatory or inflammatory.


CBBE? 7BASE? This, that?

For the Kiera dress there is a CBBE Bodyslide version made by Levionte HERE
You are very welcome to make your own conversions for other bodytypes. Please notify me and I'll see if I can link or upload it.

Craftable? Vendor?
No patience and want to work on other stuff.

Kiera had no shoe mesh and Sile's red shoes were really insignificant.

Hair mods? 




Currently working on a voiced follower expansion pack. Coming sometime 2016. Will include long quest line, new worlds, 3 voiced followers + new Durzog dog. Romance, approval system, banter and hand made clothes and hair too. You can check the outdated demo HERE