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Crafting now requires appropriate tools. Best used in conjunction with Survival mods.

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I began a new playthrough, and remembered how it was weird that I could just use any crafting station without having the tools for it. So I went ahead and decided to update one of my old mods, Crafting Requires Tools. This mod is better used in conjonction with Survival and Immersion mods, such as Chesko's mods, etc.

Now, if you want to be able to Smith or Temper, a blacksmith hammer will be required. If you want to brew potions, you will need a mortar and pestle. If you want to use a tanning rack, a dagger will be required. You will need a wooden ladle if you want to cook something. Smelting will require a shovel, and if you want to be a lumberjack, a hook will be necessary (you should use a mod like Usable Sawmills by lojames, even though this is not necessary for this mod to run).

Need a tool but don't know where to get it? You can buy them from relevant NPCs in the world - even from mods.

  • Pickaxes can be bought from miners
  • Axes and hooks can be bought from any lumberjack
  • Shovels can be bought from farmers and blacksmithes
  • Blacksmith hammers can be bought from blacksmithes
  • Ladles can be bought from inn owners
  • Mortars and pestles can be bought from alchemists in shops. Mortars and pestles added by other mods and that have been detected by Crafting Requires Tools will be used. If no other mod addind Mortars and Pestles has been detected, it will use this mod's item.

Just select the appropriate topic option (not from the vendor menu).

The price of the tools can be configured in the new MCM menu.

One of the issues with my mod's previous version was that it wasn't detecting other daggers and tools from other mods. Now it does: equip any dagger in your inventory, and it will be added to the list of compatible daggers.

If you want to add your mortar and pestle from Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul, for example, just open your inventory and click on it as if you wanted to equip it: as long as the item's name contains the word "Mortar" or "Pestle" and it's classified as a MISCOBJECT, it will be added to Crafting Requires Tools' list of compatible items. This feature requires SKSE.


Install this mod using NMM or Mod Manager, or any other software you usually use. If installing manually, drop all files in your Skyrim/DATA folder and activate the mod.


Delete all files related to this mod.


  • An updated version of Skyrim is required.

  • SKSE is required to use the MCM menu (as well as SkyUI).
  • SKSE is required if you want the mod to detect your mortar and pestle from other mods.


The mortar and pestle model has been used from Modder's Resource Pack. I modified it to add Havok physic so it could be used as an inventory item.

Thanks to the generous donators: