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Here comes Xana, a Succubus curious about the mortal world. Would you let her accompany you in your journey ?

Permissions and credits
Version 1.4 : No more neck gap ! Thanks to Endgameaddiction's help, you should now be able to remove her lovely gorget without making your eyes bleed !

My very first mod. Thanks to the help of some very kind people (see special thanks below), I managed to get a fixed version. No more floating
head with purple shiny eyes ! The body and the armor should appear this time.

Still, tell me if you encounter any issues and give me screenshots in order for me to identify clearly the situation. 

If it works well and you like this mod don't hesitate to endorse and send me LOTS OF SCREENSHOTS !
(screenshots are soooo delicious, nom nom nom! ) ^^

She is NOT STANDALONE. Because I sucks so much at modding... So please read the requirements !

Technically, she is Breton, but I designed this character as a Succubus, with alluring curves, wings, horns and tail.
As the wings aren't equipable, you will have to add them by following my instructions, see below !
I gave her the Falmer Bikini armor designed by the talented, awesome and genious Nisetanaka ! But I retextured it in order to give this armor a little bit more "devilish" look. You are free to change her clothes of course, she loves it ;). See my flickr if you want some inspirations.


Xana is a Succubus. Until now she was just passing time by sending sexy visions of her alluring body to mortals from Fuh-Lick Urh, her own oblivion plane. But the more she looked at the mortal plane, the more she got curious about this world and its inhabitants. So she craved to go there, to encounter directly those men and mere (or "amusing toys", as she calls them) and play with them. By playing, well she means more doing murderous and
sadistic actions to them and watch their reaction than anything else (afterall, what is "evil" in a Succubus mind ?). She managed to appear in Skyrim, because a summoner who just wanted to raise the deads, mistakenly opened a portal from his world to her plane. To thank him, she ate him, and then went out of the catacombs to find out that she is in Whiterun's Hall of the deads. 

Then she encounters YOU (Yes, you, stop looking around, you are all alone in front of your computer...) ! What better ally than the Dragonborn himself (or herself) to see closer Skyrim and its darkest corners ?

So... have fun !

Race : Breton... erh, I mean Succubus !
Location : Whiterun Hall fo the Dead
Spells : Fireball and Wall of fire
Weapon : Daedric sword
Combat style : Spellsword
Measurements : Secret ;) !

INSTRUCTIONS : How to get her beautiful wings ?

For this you will have to download the awesomeAnimated Dragon Wings from Anton0028 and its super Evil wing retexture made by KNIGHTMARE077.

Click the spoiler button to see an illustrated tutorial.


How to make her smile and look and make expressions like in thescreenshots ?
If you like the way she smiles and want to reproduct this effect, justedownload and use the very useful MFG console mod fromkapaer.

Step 1 : Open console, click on your follower in order for her ID to appear.

Step 2 : type "mm" or "mp" or "me" in order to
see the different options you have.

Step 3 : Once you choosed your option, type the appropriate code (mm, mp or me + number) and a value between 1 and 100 (0 will erase the effect).
Ex : to make her smile --> "mp 4 100" (respect the spaces or it won't work). To make her stop smiling ---> "mp 4 0"

And voila ! Don't move, baby, let's make some nice screenshots !
You should find these explanations in the description of kapaer's mod, so I will stop here.


HDTHighheel system
Anton0028's Animated Dragon wings and KNIGHTAMRE077's Evil wingretexture if you want her wings.
HDT Physicsextension  (in order for the tail to move)
Dawnguard (for the horns and the falmer cuirass)
And..... LOTS.... OF..... SCREENSHOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The main file is working good, but as I was told, some people apprently have problems with the tail or with the HDT highheels requirement. This is why I made some optional files for them. Tell me if they work fine. Otherwise I will try to fix them.
No tail : Quite explicit isn't it ? HDT is still used in this version., so it is just for people who don't like the tail.
No HDT : No HDT physics extension and no HDT highheels requirements. Which means no tail and different boots.
Xana Alternative tail : this tail is from HDT wearable tail mod and seems to work better for the users who have issues with the tail from the main mod. Please use this version if you want a fully working HDT tail.

1: Press "On" your computer
2: Have a nice sandwich
3: Slit the throat of a goat over a pentacle while speaking aloud an incantation for Sanguine... or Santa Claus... as you want. Replace the goat with cheese if you are summoning Sheogorath.
4: Now that your computer is on, just extract the files manually to your Data folder and check the esp on NMM, or install directly with NMM (tell me if it
doesn't work)

ENB Used in the screenshots :
Rampage Enb
Seasons of Skyrim
Rudy Enb with Snapdragon enb's Depth of field

Future projects :
-Trying to figure out how to fix the neck seam and then fix it.
- Eventually uploading a "no-tail" for people who can't run correctly
- Other followers ? who knows.... ^^

Q&A :
Q : Will you make version for other body mods ?
A : Only if I have the time and motivation. But you are free to give her your
own body and presets.

Q : Will you add this feature or that thing to this follower ? It would be awesome !
A : Sorry, but I'm a beginner in modding. It would take me too much time to learn and try to add stuff. But you are free to propose and make any kind of upgrading (related quest, custom voice, animation, special effects), it would please me most if this mod evolves thanks to other modder's strenght !

Q : Your character is too this, too that, I don't like her.
A : So... what are you doing here in the first place ?

You are free to do whatever you want with her. If you make any othermod with her or inspired by her, it's ok. Only two things :
- GIVE ME THE CREDITS (and of course, it is always a pleasure if you ask for my
permission first ^^).
I heard that somebody used Rxkx22's awesome followers mods in order tomake his own follower mod, but didn't give any credits. That's sad and disrespectful for Rxkx22 who used so much time and effort on it. Soplease, don't do that.

Thanks to :
Anton0028 for his Animated Dragon Wings mod.
KNIGHTMARE077 for his Evil Wings Retexture mod.
Nisetanaka for his Falmer Bikini Armor mod (素敵なビキニをシェアしてくれて感謝致します!).
Jacques00 for his HDT dragon tail mod.
LithiumFlower for his LiEyes - Eye pack SA mod.
t56yr for his Raven warpaint mod.
TheDNishtshade for his TDN Equipable Horns mod.
Caliente for her Bodyslide and outfit studio mod.
Expired6978 for his Racemenu mod.
Kalilies, Stealthic, Khaos and Shocky for their KS Hairdos mod.
deadzone45 for the HDT Tails Wearable mod.
Everybody who contributed for the creation of UUNP body.
Everybody who helped me or advised me for creating this follower mod.

SPECIAL THANKS to : Syphoid, Endgameaddiction and Lunovfor helping me out and testing, you are life savers !
Thanks also to Tombj24 and Crysumpom for testing the follower !
Special thanks to ff7legend for suggesting me the non-HDT version and for testing it !
Special thanks to sargebiffy for reporting the HDT tail bug and for testing as well as totodu38 for testing the new HDT tail version !

If I forgot anybody, please tell me and I will add you as soon as possible :).

PS : My english isn't perfect, I apologize if I make any mistakes.

See my flickr :[email protected]/