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A remake of my "Better Skooma" mod from the Steam Workshop, with a few small improvements

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Some time ago, I made a little mod for the Steam Workshop called "Better Skooma." Despite being thrown together in 10 mins and being barely functional, a couple people apparently liked it and it got almost 200 downloads and around 25 favs. Some guy asked me to put it on the Nexus, so I put it on the Nexus and added a couple things to it (now that I kinda know my way around the Creation Kit).

This mod makes a couple changes to Skooma. It was always played up in the game as some terrible drug that would do terrible things to your body, and you were a terrible person if you used this terrible drug. Then you got a hold of some, and it wasn't terribly different from a normal stamina potion. Now, the effects are a bit more... dramatic.

You'll be seeing things, man.

(I know it just says "slows time for 60 seconds", but trust me, it does way more than just that. I would recommend using it in a place with a lot of items lying around)

You can also make your own Skooma at cooking pots, if you have the Physician perk, using nightshade and moon sugar. Skooma also now has a dramatically increased value of 2000 gold, so you can cook a lot of Skooma, then become a drug dealer and sell it for quite the profit. This new value is much lower than with the first version of Better Skooma found on the Workshop, but if I had left it at 140,000+, this mod would be even more game-breaking.

Link to the barebones Workshop version: