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A better Karthwasten with basic services and a player home.

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Town of Karthwasten

This mod, which requires the Hearthfire DLC, is Karthwasten, a small town on Ainethach's land. Once a lively little town, Karthwasten is now crumbling under the pressure of the mercenaries, the dull environment and the war. Come shop or sleep in Karthwasten Services if you have to. You can also decide to live in town and maybe stop the agony of the town by bringing your family with you. Karthworsee home is now vacant for you to live in, if you got the guts to get the key...and the patience to live next to inhospitable neighbors.

I recommand you these mods, for the ambiance, the lore or to enjoy entirely my mod:

Celtic Music in Skyrim by SilentRider (Adrian Von Ziegler's music)
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix
A 2k farmhouse retexture by GDelforge

Karthwasten adds these buildings to vanilla Karthwasten:

-Karthworthsee Home Player's home (Kitchen, dining room, children's and master bedroom, exterior forge, enchanting and alchemy room, exterior planters and woodchopping block) Hearthfire's multi adoption mod compatible
-Karthwasten's Services General store and Inn

The town now has:

-Paved roads
-2 new NPCs
-A completely adapted and cleaned navmesh

About the screenshots and the textures:

You will not obtain the exact same results as my screenshots by downloading the file. In the screenshots, i used GDelforge's textures and aMidianBorn's texture for the stonewalls. By downloading the file, you'll have vanilla textures or your already used modded textures.


The key to the house is available on Atar... or by console commands.


jet4571's for the resources from Building kits and other items
tirnoney for the help i had from her about important things i didn't know about navmeshing
Noxide for my knowledge on how to make the multi adoption mod compatible