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Adds craftable Hearthfire Planters players can use to decorate and expand their gardens or homes. Requires Chesko's Campfire

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This simple mod adds several new items that can be placed in the world by utilising Capfire's framework. I thought myself one day "How difficult would it be to make planters?" It turns out they are not as straightforward as one might think (watch DarkFox127's video to know why), but after a bit of fiddling with scripts, I achieved my goal.

Now you can decorate your house, garden, settlement or any camping place with anything from simple holes in the ground to ornate Dwarven or Nordic planters!

The mod adds one new crafting element, "Ceramics", obtained by crushing all those old plates and urns you accidentally picked up in ruins and threw away. Other ingredients needed are clay, firewood an quarried stones. (method heavily inspired by Fallout4 crafting mechanics)

Craftable elements (number of clay required is also the number of plantable soils):

Requires: 1 Clay

Square/Round Planters (found in HF homes and in Solitude), available in Big/Small/Tiny variations
Requires: 1 Clay, 10/6/4 ceramics, 4/2/0 Stones

Oblong Planters (found in HF homes and in Solitude), available in Big and small variations
Requires: 3 Clay, 12/6 ceramics, 12/6 Stones

Nordic Round planter (found in High Hrothgar)
Requires: 1 Clay, 4 ceramics

Nordic Stone Planter (found in Shalidor's Maze)
Requires: 4 Clay, 10 Stones

Greenhouse (Found in HF homes and Whiterun) Regular/Ornamental
Requires: 4/3 Clay, 8/3 Stones, 4/3 Firewood, 0/8 Ceramics

Dwemer Planters, (seen in Bthardamz) available in Big and small variations
Requires: 1 Clay, 4/3 Dwarven Ingot

Dwemer Stone Planter
Requires: 5 Clay, 12 Stones

How to obtain and use them?

Simple. Use your Campfire's crafting lesser power or any forge to craft planters, and then use them as regular placeable Campfire items (i.e. by clicking the item in your inventory and then moving its indicator around). Nordic ceramics can be crashed with the same crafting power or in any smelter.

In order to move the planter around, you have to first get rid of the plant, either by clicking the soil, and removing it, or by simply using the "Pick Up" option - it will detect the removal of soil and it will remove the plant automatically.  That is also true for a plant that hasn't grown yet.

Warning: I'm not the best person to deal with 3d models and the Havok physics, so if you drop a miscellaneous item it might not behave like you expected, breaking several known laws of physics. Similarly, placing some items in the world may be tricky, though it is an inherent problem with all such mods. The same can be said about the triggerboxes of soil - they can sometimes be difficult to click.


This mod, quite obviously requires Chesko's Campfire 1.6+

This mod should be compatible with any mod out there, since it doesn't touch the original scripts - it makes new ones. It is also compatible with any mods that adds other plantable items. 

This mod also changes the planting messages ("Item planted", etc.) from messageboxes to notifications.

Also, if you'd like to cheat a bit or test the mod you can open console (~) and type

setstage _camp_planter_quest 100

That will open a cheatchest with lots of elements to test on.

Currently supported languages: English, Polish, and Japanese (1.1 onward, thanks to BowmoreLover. Thanks!). Other languages use English as base. If you are expecting CTDs because of my mod and you are not playing any of the translated languages, contact me. If you would like to translate the mod, contact me, so I can credit you and include your strings in my mod!


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