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A medium size, multiple adoption friendly player home with no loading doors and see-through windows - watch your kids playing in the yard from inside your home! Room for 6 kids and 9 followers, named storage, all crafting stations, planting soils, and custom displays for all unique items.

Permissions and credits
Birchwood Manor is located in a secluded grove  south of Riften, accessed through a mountain pass.  The property is located in it's own worldspace, so it shouldn't conflict with anything.  The main house has see-through windows and no loading doors, with a forge area and a greenhouse (also no loading doors) in the back yard.  Requires all DLC.


     - No loading doors in the main house

     - The home's exterior doors close automatically, so your kids and followers won't leave them open

     - Interior and exterior lights turn on at night and off during the day

     - Compatible with Frostfall

     - All crafting stations, and a chopping block

     - Named storage for just about everything

     - Bathtub with auto-strip for npcs

     - Children's room with space for six kids

     - 9 large and 3 small bookshelves

     - 2 large display cases and 1 mannequin in the main house

     - Gallery (in the attic) with displays for all of the unique items

     - Armory (below the forge) with 28 mannequins, 20 shield racks, 11 dagger display cases and 93 weapon racks

     - Cellar with hidden vampire coffin and a bed for one follower

     - Guest house with beds for 6 followers

     - Hidden grotto with a swimming pool (with auto-strip for npcs), a bar and beds for two followers

     - Greenhouse with 22 hearthfire planting soils

     - Farming plot with 14 hearthfire planting soils

     - Two chickens, a cow and a goat

     - Small horse stable just outside the grove

     - Completely navmeshed by hand


- Your horse will not follow you into Birchwood.  As far as I know, there is no way to force a horse through a loading door, so
        there is a small stable outside the cave.

- It won't rain or snow inside the house.

     - The display activators in the gallery were either pulled from or created based off of those in skyrimlazz's Displays - Dragon Claw and others
        resource.  As noted on his mod's page, weapons and armor will lose their smithing upgrades when put in a display, so maybe don't put them in here
        until you're done using them.

     - The gallery is set up for the way I wanted to display my collection.  Some unique weapons and armor are meant for specific mannequins and
        weapon racks and therefore don't have activators.  Of course, you can put your stuff wherever you like, but I have included a list as an optional
        download for anyone who wants to see how everything fits.  I probably won't be making any changes to the gallery (unless something is broken)
        because creating all of those activators was a huge pain in the butt.

     - Screenshots were taken with Vividian ENB and Skyrim HD - 2K Textures installed

Install with NMM, or extract the files into your data folder

Remove yourself and all of your items, kids, followers, pets and wives, then uninstall with NMM or delete the files you extracted


     jet4571 (for the building kit)
     skyrimlazz (for the scripts used for the gallery displays)
     M3rvin (for the light switch script and tutorial)
     Ac3s (for the auto-strip script and tutorial)

  and for all the awesome modder's resources:
     CD Projekt