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remake of my old dragonlovers pack with new features and updates and made less chaotic

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-Dragon Lovers Master File-
this is a basic mod that adds 
-dragon nests 
-Earth and Sea Dragons 
-Hatching Dragon Eggs

-Dragon lovers Growth System-
experience the true power of the dragonborn 

-collect dragon souls and become a powerful being 
-hp,mp,stamina increase based on dragon souls you collect and dont spend 
-unarmed damage increases based on the number of dragon souls you collect 
-speed and strength increase the more dragon souls you collect 

**To be done** 
-shout times reduction the more dragon souls you collect 
-shouts get stronger the more dragon souls you collect 
-shouts become spells when you learn a shout and have collected a certain amount of dragon souls you will learn the shouts spell form 
-learn dragon only shouts when you gain enough souls 
-quests to aquire dragon souls if you dont want to kill dragons the first quest will give a ability that will make dragons neutral to you or ally with you

-Dragon Lovers Sea Dragons Den-
-Dragonborn DLC 

adds a true underwater dngeon/cave with sea dragons inside as well as underwater combat powers

near pilgrims trench you can find a treasure hunter who has a ring that when worn gives underwater combat powers and underwater near it is the dungeon/cave

**things to add**
-more powers and spells to underwater combat
-make a set of underwater spells that use stamina instead of magicka

- Dragon Lovers Dragon Npcs-
-Dragonborn DLC 
-Dawnguard DLC 
-Dragon Lovers Master File 

-adds a custom unique Female flyabe follower merchant to the game at one of the dragon shrines 
-also changes the female normal hatchling dragons to the new custom dragon

-In Progess-
-Dragon Lovers Transformations-
-adds power to turn humanoid followers into dragon Hybrids
-adds the ability to become a dragon
-adds the ability to become a Sea Dragon
-Adds the ability to become a Earth Dragon
-adds the ability to become a Dracolich

Things to Add:
-Full Modulization of the mod so each modulke does something different and dont require any of the other esps
-Marriable Dragon Followers that can transform into a humanoid race
-Buildable Rookery at the Bonestrewn Crest where you can find an egg and hatch it then it will grow to adult and lay more eggs
-the power to ressurect dead dragons  as allies
-the power to ride dragons and be able to control where they are going instead of just going in circles
-Custom Unique shouts while in Dragon Form
-Dragon Parenthood the power to lay eggs or have an egg Laid by a female dragon