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Animations replacer pack, realistic type. Sort of.

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Rather Aesthetic Yet Somewhat Realistic Animations


I'm still on this ;).



As implies the title, here is my attempt to provide natural animations in Skyrim.

The Mighty History of RAYSRA

    Vanilla animations are pretty well detailed but seem to be the result of uncleaned mocap. Jitter, feet sliding all around, all that crap. Some of them are also REALLY unnatural (mehjumpmehstrafe) and inconsistent with all others. There are really great animations here on the Nexus, and I've tested a lot of them, but each time I felt a little something was lacking.

So I said to myself : "What a wonderf ..." ... wait no ... it was : "Hey you don't know anything about animation! Why wouldn't you create a replacer pack? Not like if you had better things to do after all! Sounds like a plan!"

And a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot of time later, we are now.

The Content of RAYSRA


Main archive:

 - mt_idle, male and female
 - mt_walkforward, from left to right, male and female
 - mt_walkbackward, from left to right, male and female
 - mt_runforward, from left to right, male and female
 - mt_runbackward, from left to right, male and female
 - mt_sprintforward, male and female


 - Animations for 360 walkforward.
 - Animations for 360 runforward.

   Install on top of main. No movement speed edits included! To go backward at forward speed, you will have to use another mod or to create an esp yourself by editing MovementType NPC_Default.

The Future of RAYSRA

   I have two objectives. The first one is the main thing, which means I will probably complete it, one day. The second one is technically difficult if not impossible to complete, but I'll for sure feel some kind of achievement when I'll reach this point, if even it happens!

1) Expand the pack, probably following this order:
Replace all locomotion animations : non combat, sneaking, combat, jumping, swimming, all speeds, all direction, with different animations for male and female.
Replace combat stances, equip and unequip.
Replace attacks (melee, archery, and magic too), parrying and bashing.
Replace horserider animations.

2) Complete with impossible stuff:
Add transitions and banking when turning to give a more natural feeling to character movement.
Add combat related features, like directional hit reactions, damage localization (non papyrus trigonometric style) and some other stuff.
Completion of this objective depends mostly on my will to dig deeper in behavior knowledge. So don't expect this anytime soon. Don't expect it at all. You know what, I shouldn't have talked about it. Forget what you just read :P

The requirements and installation of ... MEH STOP THIS NONSENSE!

It requires nothing. This is very important. It won't work without it!

The pack can be installed:

- manually by copying de Data folder in the archive to your Skyrim directory

- by using Nexus Mod Manager

- by other creative (or not so much) ways unknown of me, certainly

The pack can be uninstalled:

- by using brain (actually I'm too lazy to explain now, maybe tomorrow)


For now, should be compatible with anything that doesn't replace animations included in the pack.
As I use it myself, I'll try AMAP to make my animations IFPV friendly. Awesome mod btw ->


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Simply don't do anything with these files without asking me first. Pliz.


The Nexus

Bergzore (Animations and animation tutorials)
xp33 (Animation tutorials, XPMS)
Groovtama (XPMSE)
Fore (FNIS, behavior knowledge)
Zartar (CBE, behavior knowledge)

every single mod author

everyone sharing his knowledge about how to create mods and how to make games