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Adds a large variety of Voodoo/Witch Doctor themed items and spells aimed to provide everything needed for the ultimate Witch Doctor experience.

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BigBizkit presents
The Ultimate Voodoo & Witch Doctor Arsenal

1. Short Description
2. Installation, Requirements & How to Get Started
3. Features
4. FAQ
1. Short Description

Adds a large variety of Voodoo/Witch Doctor themed items, armor pieces, weapons, and spells in order to provide everything needed for the ultimate Witch Doctor experience. All armor included is highly modular, meaning that there are hundreds if not thousands of possible combinations. The Voodoo themed spells are not merely handed to you as spell tomes, but rather require perk investments in order to unlock their true potential. The way I have implemented this nonetheless guarantees 100% compatibility with all perk overhaul mods.

2. Installation, Requirements & How to Get Started

Installation: Regular. Mod Manager installation is recommended.

Requirements: Dawnguard & Dragonborn. SKSE is required due to the way the alternate perk system is set up. "Buhuu, I don't want to use SKSE :(((((((" Well, tough luck, I went out of my way to make this compatible for people who use perk overhauls (of which I am NOT one. Well, I use my own) and as a consequence it requires SKSE. Deal with it.

How to Get Started: Upon installation, a lesser power called "Voodoo - Select Perk" will be added to your magic menu. Use it to spend perk points on the new perks. The first perk "Zombify" is required in order to be able to collect materials and to craft the Voodoo themed items.

3. Features

Adds a huge variety of armor pieces, weapons, mojos, and charms which can all be created using the "Voodoo - Create Item" lesser power you gain after acquiring the "Zombify" perk. You do not merely craft those from, e.g. leather and stuff, but you are required to acquire the needed materials from the corpses of your slain adversaries, wild animals, etc.

To name a few things there are:

  • Legwraps
  • Loincloths
  • Necklaces made of spines, feathers, skulls, etc.
  • armor attachments made from bones of slain enemies
  • One-handed and Two-Handed Voodoo Staffs
  • VOODOO MASKS of different varieties: Skull, Deerskull, Trollskull, Mammothskull, Dragonskull, with feathers/without with horns/without etc.

How to get ahead (get it?) in crafting:

1. Get the 'Zombify' perk
2. Kill enemies
3. Some of them may have a head worth taking, strong bones etc.
4. Use the 'Voodoo - Create Item' lesser power
5. ?????????????
6. Voodoo!


On top of that, this mod gives you the opportunity to invest into skills/spells to unleash your full Witch Doctor potential:

The availability of spells/perks to learn depends on the level of your conjuration skill

  • Summon Voodoo Zombie: Does as advertised and uses some very creepy new zombie mesh, not merely draugr.
  • Flaming Bats: Conjure a cloud of flaming bats that sets your enemies on fire.
  • Voodoo Bats: Conjure a cone of bats that stuns your enemies and absorbs their life force.
  • Poison Spit: Spit poison onto your enemies.
  • Soul Harvest: Harvest the souls of slain enemies to restore your magicka
  • Voodoo Curse: Curse your enemies so that they deal less physical damage to you.
  • Hex: Hex enemies.
  • Haunt: Send enemies into the spirit world where they suffer more physical and spell damage.
  • Explosive Arachnids: Conjure a number of venomous arachnids that explode on death and deal poison damage based on your Conjuration skill level.
  • Summon Fetish Shaman: Summon a fetish shaman that fights for you and has a chance of hexing enemies on strike.
  • Spiritual Ancestor: Summon a spectral Witch Doctor to fight alongside yourself.

Not a Witch Doctor? Not a problem! Many of the armor attachments in this mod are suitable for a variety of characters who like to decorate themselves with - let's say - trophies.

Zul'jin Approves:

That's all folks! Thanks for your unwavering support for my mods, endorsements, comments and donations!

Special Thanks to billyro who rigged a feather to the head bone which got my Voodoo Masks started in the first place.

Also check out the mod Predators - The Lost Tribe by roland113 which is where some of the coolest pieces (like the totem poles) are from.

4. FAQ

Q: OMG IS THIS EVEN LORE-FRIENDLY?!?!!!?!?!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Q: Me no read description, me want answors, NAO!
A: Uh Eeh Uh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang.

Q: My computer exploded, must be a bug in your mod!??!?
A: Uh Eeh Uh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang.

Q: I couldn't even come up with potential questions since the description really makes everything crystal clear.
A: Ikr.