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(ERSO) Standing Stones Overhaul is Reborn as standalone mod. Now all the Standing Stones give you truly unique choices.

Permissions and credits
* * * IMPORTANT NOTE * * *

I'm not the Author of this mod (Erkeil), who gave free permission to player/modder community to use his assets.
Originally this mod was a part of ERSO. Now you may use it as STANDALONE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Standing Stones Overhaul give you these new stone powers:

– Apprentice Stone = +100% Magicka Regen; +75 Magicka; 75% Magic Weakness
– Atronach Stone = +300 Magicka; 33% Spell Absorption; No Magicka Regeneration
– Lady Stone = +20 Speechcraft, +15 Illusion, 12.5% faster Shout Recovery
– Lord Stone = 15% Resist to Fire, Frost, Shock, Poison, Disease
– Lover Stone = +50 Health; +25% Health Regen
– Mage Stone = +50 Magicka; +10% Magicka Regen and Magic Resist
– Ritual Stone = Raise all dead to fight for you once a day for 900 seconds
– Serpent Stone = Paralyze a target for 10 sec. and do 125 damage. Once a day
– Shadow Stone = Once a day invisible for 900 sec.
– Steed Stone = Wearing armor does not affect speed, +100 Carry Weight, Equipped armor is weightless
– Thief Stone = +10 Lockpicking, Pickpocket and Sneak. +20 Stamina
– Tower Stone = +75 Armor, +10% Stamina Regen and Health Regen rates
– Warrior Stone = +5 melee damages, +15 One-Handed and Two-Handed skills


Incompatible with mods that changes standing stones powers.

Erkeil did this mod. Thank for permission to player/modder community to use freely.

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