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The Hand Of Azura is a small ship player home with a Dunmer theme that comes with a basic "movement" system that allows transit between Solstheim and Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Copy the contents of the Data folder into your Skyrim Data folder ProgramFiles/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data

I am a little unsure as to whether the .ckm of the file is needed or not. Delete it at your own potential peril.

Then use whatever mod management tool you have (be it the default Launcher, Skyrim Mod Manager, Nexus Mod Manager or other and activate SmallShip2.esp somewhere near the bottom of your load order (although it doesn't really matter).


REQUIRES 'DragonBorn' DLC.

The Hand Of Azura is a small ship with minimal storage space but all the amenities of a home. Including indoor and outdoor sleeping areas, a 2 person dining table, 2 strong boxes and a small dresser. There is also a cooking pot fitted to the front of the vessel.

The travel system to leave dock and set out to sea is mounted on the center of the steering wheel, while location destinations (which are only useable from the ocean, much like the interior) are found on their respective maps in the form of a small circle.

Built to augment the Ilnari by offering a ship with the same "movement" system, but with a Dark Elf theme rather than Nordic.

*My sixth ship, and the second to employ my "movement" system.
*The vessel docks a little further from the main docks, meaning a short walk between the ship and a town.
*Due to the vessels small size, no crew are included.
*The interior is LOCKED while in port. This means there is no key. To access the interior, go to the Open Ocean via the steering wheel and you can then enter the interior.

----Update Information----
1.00: Added Mod
1.01: Cleaned Mod in TES5Edit

----Potential Bugs----
*Shouldn't clash with any mods unless those mods happen to occupy the exact same space as the Hand Of Azura.
*Do NOT use the Hand Of Azura to travel to Solstheim for the first time as it could potentially break the entire game or just the DragonBorn DLC.

----If you have Bugs----
*Contact me, describe the bug, and I will see what I can do.
*If followers do not follow you when you leave the ship, try quicktravelling and that should get them out/off of the ship.

Send a message to my DeviantART account ( ) And/Or my Steam Account (I am unfamiliar with the Steam personal messaging system so I would prefer DeviantART based contact). Or just leave a comment on the Nexus.