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This is a texture replacer originally intended for Moonlight Tales Essentials v 2.06 – due to time of posting it now carries over to MTE 2-51 where it pretty much operates the same. It replaces the player skins/furs selected through the mod menu with those found in the AV packages by Belly Ache and Foxcraft7.

Permissions and credits

This is a texture replacer for Moonlight Tales Essentials v2.06, also compatible with 2-51.  It replaces the player skins/furs selected through the mod menu with those found in the AV packages by Belly Ache and Foxcraft7. I have the utmost respect for the work of NSJones, KrittaKitty and Jeremy Hamilton however I wanted to add a few additional options without altering MTE directly. There is no ESP, these are just textures that have been
packed such that MTE recognizes them as its own.  This means you can pick any model, eye color,and glow or no glow and the included textures should work.  Just go into the mod menu and choose your settings on the fly as you normally would. 

As I did not change MTE, this is a pick one set or the other situation for now (normal skins or these). I matched colors as seemed somewhat-appropriate but I did not actually rename what is displayed in the menu.  I am including screenshots and a list of what corresponds to what.  A few of the skins (e.g. white vs albino) may seem a bit redundant but there are differences. Just like between lukewarm and tepid water.  Please be aware also that as of the version I was working from (MET2.06) I had 15 skins and 16 slots so one of them - the orc - was not replaced.  It still shows up as Krittay Kitty’s greenish werewolf with a slightly different texture as do the newer textures from Fiszi.      

I did not make MTE or any of these textures.  Any and all credit is due to Brevi/Spwned,Bellyache/Wrig675, Kritta Kitty, NSJones, Foxcraft7, Fiszi and anyone I may have accidentally overlooked.

-  Load somewhere after MTE


- Uncheck it


Shouldn’t be any that aren’t relate MTE or other mods.  Skin replacer might hang on occasion butthat’s pretty standard.  Just open themenu and move a skin or eye option and it usually rights itself. 


-         15 replacer skins for player werewolf accessed through the MTE menu, file contains textures only, no actual changes to MTE
-         All Moonlight Tales Essential options work meaning any model, eye color, glow effect
-         Totally safe to install/uninstall, should not have any compatibility issues MTE does not
-         I did not do the hard work

Skin ReplacementList:

(BA stands for Belly Ache, FC is FoxCraft, KK is KrittayKitty)
1.      Default = BA Black
2.      Black = FC Black
3.      Brown = BA Brown
4.      Gray = BA Grey
5.      Natural = FC Grey
6.      Albino = BA White
7.      Altmer = BA Gold
8.      Bosmer = FC Red
9.      Breton = FC White
10.    Dunmer = BA Dark Grey
11.    Husky = FC Brown
12.    Imperial = BA Timber
13.    Khajiit = BA Orange
14.    Nord = FC Blonde
15.    Orc = KK Green (Not directly changed, willappear slightly different than usual)
16.    Redguard = BA Dark Brown


Shout out to Brevi/Spwned, Undisputed Lord of WerewolfModding. (Bulwm for short).

To Bellyache/ Wrig675 and Foxcraft for their excellent work,may they be surrounded by shaggy werewolves forever more.

To NSJones, for all he’s done for the community, not onlywith textures but with sounds as well. And have you seen Legend of Cain? Go watch that.

To Jeremy Miller and Kritta Kitty whose work I love and isonly being moved because I couldn’t figure a way to keep all skins at once
without changing things within MTE. Ditto NS Jones.

Additional props:

Ser Roland, who vanished into an unspecified realm of Oblivion many years ago now yet whose legacy endures, and allows us to eat and
loot despite not wearing pants to this day.

Sega, circa 1988, for recognizing that the golden werewolf is more than just an award statue.


Sega, circa 2003 to present, for crimes against god, man and everything in between.  Except forBayonetta I and II.  But that’s really Platinum anyway.