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Adds 20 new craftable and improveable shields

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This shield pack adds 9 heater shields, 5 pavise shields, 4 longer kiter-type shields, 1 spiked shield and 1 round from the Witcher 2 into Skyrim.
All can be crafted (some with the steel smithing perk) and can be found in the Studded menu, also improveable at the workbench. One of the ingredients is firewood, because it meant little sense to me to have wood in the game and not have shields made out of it.
Shield of Redania
Shield of Temeria
Shield of Kaedwen
Shield of Aedirn
Shield of the Free Company (Adam Pangratt's shield)
Shield of Dethmold's Guard (alternative names welcome!)
Shield of La Valette
Shield of Ancient Kaedwen
Plain Wooden Shield
Worn Round Shield
Spiked Shield
Shield of Redania (kite)
Shield of La Valette (kite)
Shield of Baron La Valette
Shield of the Flaming Rose
Plain Pavise
Pavise of Nilfgaard
Pavise of Nilfgaar (variant)
Pavise of Kaedwen
Pavise of Dethmold's Guard
There will be some things that I will get around to doing and these include:
1. Possibly less glossy versions for some of these depending on feedback

Extract folders under meshes to your meshes folder and likewise for the textures. Place the .esp file into Skyrim/Data, then make sure it's ticked in the Data Files part of the launcher.
Once in game, go to forge and find them under Iron (I changed my mind when doing the recipes and made them require steel, so this is a mistake here and will be changed to steel with the CK), BUT... you still need the steel perk.
Meshes and textures belong to CD Projekt Red, the developer of the Witcher 2 (, who have very generously allowed the use of their game assets by modders provided they are given credit.
I have extracted all materials from the Witcher 2 game files, exported them to Blender, edited them, and then ported them into Nif format.

If you use these, I only ask that you give me credit for porting them over :)