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UNP Slave Leia OB Mod adaptation.

Permissions and credits
Sorajmoe & jclyde6108 Slave Leia Clothing.

This is an adaptation from an excellent mod by neovinci. Took a great amount of teamwork bw jclyde6108 and me. So without further ado our first conversion on skyrim for the UNP body by dimon. Hopfully many others will follow.

Featured on :

THIS MOD WILL NOT WORK WITH CBBE. We do not plan a conversion ourselves, but that doesn't prevent someone else from getting permission and doing it.

These items are all clothing, and not armor. they cannot be crafted or upgraded.
Update 2.2
Patched ESP to also correct beast race skin settings.
Update 2.02
Patched ESP to correct missing forearms/calves with armor items equipped.
Update 2.01
Skinny meshes added, use the included meshes on top of the main base package.
Update 2.0
ESP added. All items now standalone, and sold by Ri'shaad, the Khajit merchant who alternates between Whiterun and Markarth.
Ground meshes added.
All texture addons incorporated into main mod.
Update 1.2
Brand New conversion to accomidate dimons new 1.2 rig-fixed bodymesh.
New skirt rigging (no longer stretched or deforms during crouch)
New Footwear ! -sandals to not be barefoot...
Update 1.1
updated meshes to remove vertex colors, was causing weird lighting issues
Install/uninstall :

1.0 Initial version

Prior to installing this version, delete all the files that were previously installed in
meshes\clothes\weddingdress and textures\armor\leia.

Drag and Drop the files within the Archive into your skyrim data Folder. Make sure to check
that the new leia.esp is selected under Data Files before playing.
To uninstall simply delete the files from your skyrim data folder and uncheck the ESP.

No other files are required. This mod only modifies the MerchantCaravanA chest used by Ri'shaad and only depends on Skyrim.esm.

UNP Base main (slim to heavy) is supported, and sliders work.

Credit and Thanks:

Dimon99 for the amazing work that he put into his UNP Body. Grab his Body here :

jclyde6108 this release WOULD NOT be possible without all your help.(PONY !)
Me cuz im Beautiful. >.>
neovinci for The Original Outfit and the sandals.
lbruce1730 for the optional texture set
Gizmodian for the recolors :)
Deacon for assistance
Bestheda for making the Game


This outfit does NOT belong to me. For permission on using it in ANY way plz contact the Neovinci, the original mod author instead. If you wish to use any files from this mod, please also ask permission from sorajmoe or jclyde6108. Permission will not be granted after the fact.

Issues/Planned Updates
- support for skinny
- possible additional skirt rigging improvements