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A Racemenu Preset of my player character I created a while ago that I thought I'd upload to the Nexus and share with the world, and also as a backup in case my rig explodes.

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A Racemenu Preset of my player character I created a while ago that I thought I'd upload to the Nexus and share with the world, and also as a backup in case my rig explodes.

For the Enhanced Character Edit (ECE) Version click here.  I also have this preset available at the SkyPreset Warehouse, a site dedicated to Skyrim character presets for Racemenu and ECE which now that I think about it, I'm kind of surprised that the Nexus doesn't have a category specifically for presets. The thought never even crossed my mind, not even when I was deciding which category to add my preset to, so if you're shopping for some presets it would be worth checking out.

If you like this preset please endorse, not because I need an ego boost although it is kinda nice, but because endorsing the mods you like makes them easier for others to find.

Racemenu by Expired
Start a new game or change an existing character by opening the console in game by pressing the ~ key and enter the "showracemenu" console command without the quotation marks.  Choose your race then load the preset named Minerva.  This preset was made with and for my female Breton and works just as well for any human female.

Not mandatory but are required to make look like character in screenshots:
The hair mod I use is Ponytail Hairstyles v3_0 by Azar or more specifically
Skyrim Hair Physics Project by xp32  (AzarHairFemalePonytail03_Havok)
and BB's Hair Physics Project by bbdlqek1  (AzarHairPonytail06HDT)
This preset will load the AzarHairPontail06HDT hairstyle if you use BB's Hair Physics Project.
The blonde hair in the screenshots came from Apachii SkyHair Wigs by EvenstarGW

Skin textures in the screenshots are Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Ousnius and Caliente (screenshots with clearer skin)
and True Daughters of Skyrim by betterbecause (screenshots with the more realistic textures IMO).
For the True Daughters of Skyrim Textures I used the default UNP version (I like the "baggy eye" look, makes her look more rugged like she's been adventuring for a while) but to get rid of the wrinkles that come default with the Breton race I copied the normal map from the female folder to the female Breton folder (I like her to look rugged but not that rugged).

The unique armor from the screenshots is a mix of the Barbarian armor from Immersive armors by Hothtrooper44 and Combination Vanilla Outfit for UNP by Sesamin with textures from aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBal- EmeraldReign-the AMB team.

You should be able to install with the mod manager of your choice or drag and drop into your game folder manually (match up the folder structure).

Delete the one file this mod/preset adds.

Yes to All.  Feel free to do what ever you want with this file and use it in your own mods, if you do I'd really like to check it out, all I did was sculpt a face, no credit necessary but would be appreciated.
Feel free to upload your pictures here, I would like to see them but please do not upload any pictures that include nudity or are sexually explicit as I do not want this to be an adult only file.

I created this face using Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team, Exported the head then Imported it to Racemenu.
I tried to make a companion out of her that can heal herself and the player with magick, use fire magick and is a decent, well balanced, midranged jack of all trades so as to not be OP, (and maybe play the Lute and sing for gold upon request) but it is beyond my abilities.  All permissions are granted so if someone would like to do that it would be seriously awesome and I would be very grateful.

Thank you to all the authors who create all these incredible mods that breath new life into our games and give them countless more hours of replay value, adventure, beauty, bug fixes and making it run better, this awesome modding community and the folks at S.T.E.P. Project for all their helpfulness and patience teaching noobs how to build masterpieces, all the Youtubers who've created mod showcase and instructional videos, you've been a big help, Bethesda for the epic games and Nexus for such a great place where it all comes together.  I appreciate all of you, you're the best.