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-STANDALONE- Follower of my character Julia, hope you like it.

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Hello Gentlemen and Ladies


Removed masters. Now Julia is a complete Standalone Follower. Big thanks for Seren4XX and rjoscher for all the help. If i forgot anything, please remind me, i'm sorry!

1.0: If you use Ningheim Race already, you can install the first version. If you want too... Maybe.

This is my character Julia for you to use as your follower. She is a Ningheim and an archer, but she loves two handed swords. Originally she was an assassin too, but... let's keep things simple. Oh, and she doesn't like magic, sorry. (Of course, if you want to teach spells to her she may use them, this is my first mod with CK so don't expect nothing too complex).

Well... were you expecting a more detailed description? Pardon me. Later i may include her background, but for now i'll just release her as it is. I want to add tattoos too, but i can't figure how - Absolutely, i can't figure how to do it. If anyone knows any tutorial i would be grateful. Messed with PS but got nothing from it. Please D:



As it should be: Removed.

○ The body was created using Bodyslide with HDT, so please install HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT, i think you'll need it.

○ Spread some love~~



○ Download my mod and install it with any mod manager.
Life couldn't be easier.

• For manual install, just extract the mod somewhere and copy the two folders (meshes and textures) and Julia Follower D.esp into Skyrim/Data folder. Activate the esp in Data Files. Or use a manager, keep things simple.


About Julia

You can find her inside Moorside Inn in Morthal.

"Hey, she is a warrior, why is she using robes?!" Why, little child... Pay more attention and respect, and sleep well. May your night be full of dreams...

She is using only vanilla armors, but goes VERY WELL with horns. She loves them. If you use horns with her i'll like it a lot!

• Install TDN Equipable Horns by TheDNightshade.
• I use AFT to edit my follower's equips, but EFF should be good to. With these mods, you can give any armor/weapon you want to your follower and have total control of what she is carrying.

I recommend you to use Norhtborn mod for scars, so they'll look like the one in screenshots. Also, Lind001 vaermina robes retexture.

Her body is CBBE with HDT.

The armour in some Shots is Draconic Bloodline by RavenDier.

Oh, you want to see some Shots of her? I am updating my Fllickr from time to time, the last one is ooooooold xp

The original Julia have tattoos and freckles in the body, it may come later as a non lore friendly (whatever it may really be) version.

PTBR - Minha Modlist tem muita coisa que tenho instalado e acho interessante, junto de alguns guias sobre várias coisas :)



Not just credits, i would like to thank everyone for all of these amazing mods. Skyrim wouldn't be alive without any of them, and all the modders, even you, yes, you who is reading this right now.

• The funny part, eh? Give them all some love~~~
I know i can't credit everyone, but most that were present with Julia from the beggining i'll try to list here. *Sadly i just erased all the credits, so if i forget someone, please remind me, i'm sorry

Seren4XX for the Ningheim and tutorial;
Empyrean42 for warpaint;
expired5978 for everything;
Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for KS;
Caliente for CBBE and Bodyslide;
SvarogNL for Dry Skin and everything else;
AnTiWoMaAgNoT for Body textures;
Sunspot2 for feminine hands;
LogRaam for eye textures;
VinAri0807 for tutorial on making followers;
Rutah for tattoos;
Desufire for tattoos;
dreivor for tattoos;

I am releasing this as a thanks for the modding comunity, but... there is one facebook page with some real nice people.
Não vou mandar um obrigado a cada um, mas a Skyrim da Depressão tem sua parcela nesta personagem ^^

No, please, i just... i just needed to take a pic of them together, the follower and the original Julia ><


God Bless