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Overhauls the Original interior option to add all essential crafting stations, working musical instruments, and some general quality of life cleanup.

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This is a simple overhaul of the Original interior option set from SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) for the excellent Dev Aveza Airship. It adds all crafting stations, playable instruments, and general quality of life cleanup without cluttering the space or changing any of the default scripts or essential functionality.

This mod adds several features:

  • Blacksmith station for creating armor.
  • Tanning rack for armor/material crafting.
  • Workbench for armor improvement.
  • Sharpening stone for weapon improvement.
  • Cooking station with immersive fireplace.
  • Static decorations to avoid "explosive" physics.
  • Playable musical instruments (Lute, Flute, and Drums).


Of course you will need to install the original Dev Aveza Airship mod first. Then, just load this mod anywhere after it in your load list.
Make sure to select the "Original" option for interiors from the MCM config menu for the Airship.
No loose files to worry about (mod contains it's own .BSA).