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A collection of files that remove distracting things.

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This collection of files removes things I found distracting. They remove a number of annoyances that I couldn't ignore so I set out to remove them.

Remove Camera Collision (v1.8)
Stops NPC's fading out when your camera gets too close to them. Done by 

Collision Layer 0008877F/L_CHARCONTROLLER/CNAM/Forms/L_CAMERA [COLL:00088788]

Collision Layer 00088788/L_CAMERA/CNAM/Forms/L_CAMERA [COLL:00088788] 

Remove Sounds Of Skyrim Loud FX
You know how some of the noises from SOS are crazy loud - stuff like those insects buzzing in your ear, the hawk squawking on your shoulder. I reduced their dB plus i made many of the additional noises more ambient, and stuff. 

Remove CameraFX Drips and Fluffs
Removes the water dripping on your head camera FX. I edited the mesh to point to a blank texture.

Remove Whiterun brazier smoke trails

Whiterun braziers produce these long smoke trails and they kinda bugged me. So I switched those smoke trails off. Looks so much better. I didn't remove them all though, there's still a few at Dragonsreach garden, the Talos statue, Gildergreen, Jorrvaskr etc. Also, increases performance, especially at Whiterun gate and Dragonsreach stairs. 

More transparent chimney and brazier smoke
You know when you're standing at Whiterun gate looking up the street and the smoke is piling out from those braziers? That smoke can be too thick for whatever reason and as a result you can actually see the square edge of the smoke texture. Plus it blocks the bloody view and I ain't having that! So I made the smoke texture more transparent (by 50%) and it looks a lot better. No more stupid square smoke edges.  The same texture is used for both the chimneys and the braziers.

Remove problem smoke lite
This is an edited version of xonhino's plugin, Remove Smoke.esp from his mod Smoke and Dust remover.
I edited it down and made a lite version.  This way you still get to keep all your fire smoke, chimney smoke and campfire smoke etc.  Gone are distracting smoke and mist effects like water wheel mists, street mists, and a few other effects I didn't like and were 'unimmersive'. I didn't create this plugin, I just edited it. You should go and endorse the original author below.
CREDITS: Xonhino given, for Smoke and Dust remover.


Remove big blurry snowflakes
This removes those big blurry snowflakes that get in your field of vision in certain snowy areas. They are not connected to weathers and are seen in certain areas. They can look like golfballs whizzing about your screen and they can be very distracting. If you fast travel to Dawnstar you can see them.
A single blank texture replacer for textures/effects/
CREDITS: MangaClub from Vividian who helped me with this.
            : Megaloblastic for testing and images 

Remove 3d floating dungeon dust
I tried other mods that did this but they removed too many other things and all I wanted to do was get rid of this dust. This stuff hangs in the air in dungeons and looks like massive bits of dandruff floating about in zero gravity. It seems to follow you and is a camera attached FX.
A single blank texture replacer for textures/effects/

Remove ambient rumbling loops
Blank sound file replacers for

  • sound/fx/ambr/rumble/ambr_tundravolcanic_rumble_01.wav
  • sound/fx/ambr/rumble/ambr_tundravolcanic_rumble_02.wav
  • sound/fx/ambr/rumble/ambr_tundravolcanic_rumblerocks_01.wav
  • sound/fx/ambr/rumble/ambr_tundravolcanic_rumblerocks_02.wav

These files remove that distant looping rumbling sound that you find in game. They loop continuously in certain exteriors and are distracting. These files get rid of it.
4 blank sound files

Remove foggy weather camera FX
In some foggy weathers you get this blowing mist that surrounds the player and follows you around and is another camera attached FX. This single blank mesh gets rid of it.
2 blank texture replacers for textures/effects/ AND


Remove 3D floating Interior dust
These files remove that floating dust that you find in building interiors. These files get rid of it
3 Blank texture replacers for textures/effects/ and

Remove FX Camera attached pine needles
A blank texture replacer that makes these flying pine needles now invisible.

Remove FX Camera attached aspen leaves
A blank texture replacer that gets rid of those flying aspen leaves you find in the rift etc.

Remove USLEEP trees from Solitude Entrance
Disables Pine trees etc from Solitude Entrance so they don't clip through buildings anymore. Ideal for mods like Solitude Reborn. Requires USLEEP.

Remove Distracting day light bulbs from cities - Timed City Lights Merged.
This mod puts all the cities exterior light bulbs onto a timer so they switch off during the day. This mod only attaches a single script to exterior vanilla light bulbs in cities. It does not touch fixtures or fittings.

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