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Welcome to the Expanded and Enhanced Version of Sutvaka Fortified Estate!
Requires all DLCs and is ready for your family to move in!

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Welcome to the Expanded Version of Sutvaka Fortified Estate!
Requires all DLCs and is ready for your family to move in!

The original description still says it best, so I'll leave that here then say what I've changed after!

"Sutvaka is a Windhelm styled player home located near shearpoint between Whiterun and Windhelm. It has a Player home, a tower with a view, barracks for your staff, a prison, secret chambers and an escape route through a tunnel system. In these tunnels lives a smuggler who buys stolen goods. 

To get inside the estate you first have to get the key from either Sparrow at Shearpoint mountain or from a box in Fort Dunstad. With that key you gain acces to the gatehouse and you can drop the bridge and raise the portcullis.

This medium/large sized player home is equiped with all the things you might need. But for a lot is hidden away in the secret chambers below Sutvaka.To get to these hidden chambers, go to the basement armory where a button is hidden. This button will open the secret door leading to the chambers. However the basics for sharpening and improving can also be found in the barracks."

Before you read this next part of what I've changed, I highly encourage you to just try it out!
Much more fun that way ;)

Now for what I've changed outside of the main home;

  • Added 3 new houses around Sutvaka
  • Moved the follower / guard Barracks outside
  • Added a nice rest area with hot spa outside which also comes with a gorgeous view!
  • Added a new Dwarven Bath area underground which now connects to the Tavern
  • Added a bar / barkeep to the Tavern
  • Changed the entire Tower in a all new Mage Tower - Complete with everything needed for a mage
  • Added 4 new guards, 2 workers, 1 blacksmith, 2 children

What's changed IN the main home;

  • Added Hearthfire support, you can now move your family in with room for 4 kids!
  • Changed the shrine area to accommodate for the Dunmer shrines as well as a shrine for Auriel
  • Added an ez-bake oven and churner to kitchen.
  • Numerous bug fixes (Walls out of place, minor clipping, more stuff just slightly out of place)
  • Tweaked lighting slightly, removed shadow striping effect
  • In the secret garden area, I've added all of the standing stones, changed the flora, added glowing deer and netchs

Future plans;
  • May move Dwarven baths to an area in the escape tunnels.
  • Minor Polish
  • Somehow complete the path to the main road.

This mod is an expansion to the great original Sutvaka by Metalwraith031 which can be found here: Sutvaka